7 obscure Love Island 2018 phrases we want printed on t-shirts - NOW!

Each year, Love Island brings us a fresh batch of quirky phrases and quotes.

Series four has been no different, with words and terms extracted from the TV screen and sewn into our everyday vocabulary.

Watch Love Island for more than a week and it’s impossible not to start talking like them!

‘Grafting’, ‘muggy’ and ‘brutal’ are all pretty repetitive, however, so here are 7 obscure Love Island 2018 phrases that we want printed on t-shirts!

1. Cutesy

The phrase ‘cutesy’ has been coined by Samira Mighty throughout series four.

It can be used to describe cute little pyjamas, a tiny kiss or basically anything mini and adorable.

Slap it on a crop top in pink or purple and we are in business!

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR4: Ep3 on ITV2

2. I Like Green Things

We see this classic Eyal Booker line as a range of jumpers.

You can have the instantly recognisable “I Like Green Things” phrase in the foreground with something like a piece of broccoli or avocado poking behind.

Eyal Booker loves green things – fact.

Love Island: Eyal’s WEIRD “I love green things” comment – WTF!

Screen Shot: We love and hate Eyal Booker – Love Island, ITV2, series 4, episode 21

3. Doin Bits Foundation 

To be fair, there is already some Doin Bits Foundation merchandise flirting around the internet – you can get a new office mug!

We’d love an oversized long-length plain white T with the phrase slapped in the middle, however.

Chuck on a DBF logo and you’ve got threads fit for Topshop.

Screen Shot: Wes Nelson, founder of the Doin Bits Society – Love Island, episode four, ITV2

4. Doggy Fashion

Cheap. Smutty. Very unfunny. We absolutely love it!

Dr Alex George has become synonymous with the term ‘Doggy Fashion’ after using the phrase instead of ‘doggy style’ during a sex game. And that basically sums up the sex appeal of this 6ft2 A&E doctor!


Have Doggy Fashion smeared across the back of a T-shirt and it’s fit for a Love Island-themed hen or stag do.

Love Island Dr Alex kiss Ellie – ITV2, series 4, episode 13

5. I’m Not Your Hun, Hun

Eyal Booker delivered a classic piece of Love Island sass when he shut down Hayley Hughes.

Liverpudlian model Hayley shouted at Eyal saying “get over it hun” following their break up.

Eyal entered full swagger mode, however, quipping back with “I’m Not Your Hun, Hun”.

Love Island: Eyal Booker goes from wimp to GANGSTA – Best Tweets!

Screen Shot: Hayley and Eyal – Love Island, ITV2, series 4, episode 6

6. Id’ Be lying If…

This Adam Collard phrase was constantly used by the Geordie big man as he grafted on every living thing that showed signs of life in the villa.

We see the phrase as an extended range covering all sorts of topics.

The original quote is “I’d be lying if I didn’t say I fancied her” although it could be adapted to literally anything.

7. Oh Hell!

Finishing up with another instantly recognisable Dr Alex phrase, “Oh Hell” is subtle yet bloody brilliant

We envision it printed on a t-shirt in big, bold capital letters with an exclamation mark to add extra ‘oh hellness’!

Where it shopping, to the movies or even the theme park – it’s a super-catchy slogan T.

Screen Shot: Alex and Megan – Love Island, ITV2, series 4, episode 7



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