What is Anna Vakili's dress size? Is she supposed to be the 'plus size model'?
Love Island: SR5: Ep1 on ITV2. Pictured: Anna and Amber.

What is Anna Vakili's dress size? Is she supposed to be the 'plus size model'?

Since the reboot of Love Island in 2015, viewers have been up in arms over the lack of diversity and representation on the show.

Each year, you would expect the ITV bosses to listen to what their fans are demanding, more diversity and inclusivity, yet it seems to be falling on deaf ears.

So when Anna Vakili came along – supposedly a ‘plus size’ Islander – fans and former Islanders were infuriated.

Here is everything you need to know about Anna Vakili, her dress size and whether she is the ‘plus-size model’ promised…

Pictured: Anna Vakili.

What is Anna Vakili’s dress size?

When Anna Vakili showed up in the show’s promos, fans could not believe that Anna was the ‘plus size’ castmate they had been promised.

As Anna is most likely between a dress size 10 – 12, she is well below the UK average of size 16. This also makes her under the bracket to be a plus-size model.

Just check out some of her snaps on Instagram to see why fans were annoyed by this labelling, as she looks ever the picture of a toned and Love Island-perfect castmate.

Is she the ‘plus-size model’?

Short answer… No!

The ITV bosses claimed they would be casting Islanders with more diverse bodies for season 5 and it was rumoured that plus-size model Jada Sezer would be featuring on the show.

Yet this does not seem to be the case and Jada even made an Instagram post confirming she will not be on the show.

Anna did tell Digital Spy that she was “repping it for the curvy girls”, but it would seem that she is not the plus size model rumoured. And it should be noted that the bosses at ITV2 never called Anna the plus size star, it has just become the talking point of a diversity debate surrounding Love Island.

The diversity debate

Things kicked off on Tuesday, May 28th on Twitter, not just with fans of the show, but celebrities and former Islanders alike.

Jameela Jamil, who is never afraid of condemning celebrity and toxic TV culture, was quick to comment on how Anna Vakili is far from ‘plus size’. But this then roused ex-Islander Kady McDermott, who leapt to the show’s defence and said: “skinny/slim/curvy/obese who cares”.

But Jameela had support from some other Islanders including season 2’s Malin Andersson and last year’s Alexandra Cane.

Both women came out with their own posts about the lack of diversity. Malin even posted a three-part video series to Twitter explaining her disappointment with the casting and retweeted Jameela’s original post.




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