Anna Vakili’s height in ft and cm: Plus dress size and body stats!

Anna Vakili’s height in ft and cm: Plus dress size and body stats!

Love Island is back for 2019!

And while fans have been drooling over the Islanders and speculating about who will end up with who, all the tears and tantrums, there is one cast member who has always been a hot topic on everyone’s lips…

Anna Vakili.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Anna Vakili, including a biography, body stats and why her height is always a topic of conversation.

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Love Island: SR5: Ep2 on ITV2.
Pictured: Anna talking about Sherif.

Anna Vakili: Bio

Anna is 28-years-old, making her this year’s eldest Love Islander.

Her family is originally from Iran, but she currently lives in London.

It is unknown when Anna moved to the big smoke, but it would seem that Anna still travels a lot to the Middle East – her favourite destination seems to be Dubai!

She currently works as a pharmacist and is a bonafide Insta celeb – quite the combo! After she graduated with a masters degree, she embarked on this career in pharmaceuticals.

How tall is Anna?

Anna’s height has been the subject of many jokes and memes since she stepped into the villa on Monday, June 3rd.

Repeatedly demanding a tall partner, Anna seemed to have found her match in 6ft 7 Ovie whose height was one of his most attractive qualities to her.

But Anna is not crazy tall herself, standing at 5ft 9 (which is around 175 cm). However, with Ovie at least she can whack on a pair of heels and not feel like she’s towering above her date.

Anna Vakili: Weight and dress size

According to the casting rumours, there was supposed to be a ‘plus size contestant’ in this year’s Love Island. But when people found out that this was Anna Vakili, they were outraged.

Anna stands at 5ft 9 and 65 kg. She is between a dress size 10 – 12.

Her measurements are supposedly 38-26-40, making her far from plus size.

Has Anna had surgery?

Not only was her dress size a hot topic, but Anna’s supposed plastic surgery has been discussed non-stop since she entered our lives.

Although it is unconfirmed, fans have speculated that Anna has had both lip fillers and a Brazilian bum lift. An ex also confirmed to the Mirror that Anna had had a boob job in January 2016.

Either way – surgery or no surgery – we think Anna is a megababe who anyone on Love Island would be lucky to couple up with!

Meet the family!

She has one sister, Mandi, who she calls her best friend.

In their Instagram bios, both sisters have tagged each other with the earth emoji and the heart.

Not much is known about their parents, but hopefully, the Vakili’s will be making an appearance on Love Island if Anna makes it all the way to the final.




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