In spite of the fact Brad McClelland has entered the Love Island villa looking for new romance, he has spent an awful lot of time talking about his last girlfriend.

It is inevitable that previous partners come into play when you meet someone new. Questions about who you’ve dated and what you are like in a relationship naturally come into play.

Out of all of the Islanders this season, Brad has been the most forthcoming with details on his ex-girlfriend. Potentially as Brad had the most serious relationship before stepping into the villa – Toby Aromolaran has never even had a girlfriend!

So, who is Brad McClelland’s ex-girlfriend? What has he said about her in the villa?

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Who is Brad McClelland’s ex-girlfriend?

Brad McClelland’s ex-girlfriend of eight years has been confirmed as Amy Gibson. She is reportedly two years younger than Brad and is a “keen gymnast,” according to the Mirror.

Amy and Brad are both from Amble, in Northumberland.

The couple split in 2019, when Brad was around 24 years old. They had been in a relationship throughout their late teens and early twenties.

Speaking about his ‘type on paper’ before entering the villa, Brad mentioned what Amy looked like: “My ex-girlfriend who I was with for over 8 years was fair skinned, blue eyes, blonde hair.”

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What has Brad said about ex Amy on Love Island?

To many of the Islanders’ surprise, Brad is the committed type. Although often it is players who get the most attention on the dating show, Brad McClelland is clearly more into long-term commitments.

Faye Winter was shocked to learn in episode 16 (Tuesday, July 13th) that Brad had never gone on a date before.

Brad said to Lucinda on their first date: “When I first came in I said, ‘I’ve never been on a date on the outside. Save this shirt, first date bring it out’.”

But as Brad revealed before entering the villa, he and Amy were not big into dinner dates: “When I was in a relationship we only went for about 3 or 4 meals out as I cooked myself. I’ve been told I’m quite a good cook.”

Nana Joyce talks Brad and Amy’s breakup

Brad McClelland has spoken of his previous relationship on the show, but it is his nana Joyce who has provided more details on what went down between Brad and Amy in 2019.

Joyce explained: “When he and Amy split up he was heartbroken. There’s no other word for it.”

“He was asking me ‘Nana, what will I do?’ and I just had to say there was nothing he could do. He should try to move on and maybe she’d realise she’d made a mistake,” Joyce continued. This implies that it was Amy who ended things with Brad.

However, Joyce is optimistic for Brad: “They made a nice couple but sometimes these things just aren’t to be and you have to try to get over it.”

Their families are reportedly still close. Amy’s family even bought Brad good luck presents before he entered the Love Island villa!

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