Ched’s Love Island meme has gone viral – fans beg him to never speak again after ‘poem’ to Jess

Ched’s Love Island meme has gone viral - fans beg him to never speak again after ‘poem’ to Jess

Since Ched Uzor stepped into the Love Island villa, he has done nothing but turn heads. The man – AKA the real life Incredible Hulk – is pretty unmissable after all.

The 23-year-old scaffolder from Suffolk has set his sights on Jess Gale, despite the fact she’s been interested in pursuing a relationship with Mike Boateng.

But in last night’s episode (Tuesday, February 4th), things did not go that smoothly for Ched when he tried to flirt. Here’s what went down!

Screen shot: Love Island on the ITV Hub

What happened with Ched and Jess?

When trying to ‘woo’ Jess, newbie Ched decided to lay his cards on the table and spell out his feelings.

But his inability to get the words out turned into a rather jumbled up string of sentences that had viewers in stitches.

Ched said: “Do you know what like you know when you first… like you like you like ahh she’s like do you know? Like blonde girl, do you know what I mean like?”

Safe to say we don’t think Jess will like to be known as “blonde girl” from here on out.

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Ched’s poem becomes a meme

As is the way with Love Island, it doesn’t take long for something someone does on the show to go viral.

And poor old Ched’s ‘poem’ did just that.

Already the moment, which despite lasting less than ten seconds, has become a highlight of the series. We don’t think he’ll live this one down for a while…

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