Claudia Fogarty’s ‘plastic surgery’ before Love Island cost a whopping £2,500. Her father Carl Fogarty was also launched into fame when he was younger, but now fans wonder what she looked like before tear trough filler.

When Claudia walked into the villa as a new bombshell, her age was a popular topic among viewers. The 28-year-old “looked old” in many fans’ eyes while others assume she got filler before Love Island.

Claudia did undergo a makeover before Love Island. In a press release shared with Reality Titbit, we can reveal what she looked like before surgery and what work she had done.

Claudia Fogarty from right side in two pictures, slightly red face in top.
Credit: Dr. Natalie Haworth / Chic PR

Claudia Fogarty: Plastic surgery

Claudia underwent cosmetic surgery before Love Island. She got tear trough filler, chin/jawline filler, antiwrinkle injections, an Aquatite facial, and a course of laser hair removal, totaling an average cost of £2500.00.

The Love Island star, who is a regular client of Dr. Natalie Haworth, opted to have a few ‘tweakments’ and small enhancements, in line with current aesthetic trends, ahead of her TV appearance in South Africa.

Dr. Natalie Haworth, owner of The Doctor & Company said: “Claudia has the same values as I do when it comes to enhancing your natural beauty so only required a slight tweak, to give a fresh glow to her appearance.

“The treatments Claudia has been very popular with her age group, with clients desiring an untouched-looking face.” Viewers assumed the bombshell had undergone filler when she walked into the Love Island villa and were right!

Before Love Island – Claudia’s old pics

Claudia’s tear trough filler means the dark circles under her eyes are now less prominent than they were before while her jawline filler means she has a more prominent face shape. She now has a “fresh glow” to her appearance.

Tear trough filler is a popular cosmetic solution for tackling dark circles and tired-looking eyes. The non-surgical procedure involves injecting a gel-like substance around the eyes to replace volume lost through the aging process.

Her dad Carl Fogarty when young

Carl was launched into the public eye when young when he was in his early twenties. The motorbike racer, 57, had retired by 2000 after over ten years. In 1991, he raced for Neil Tuxworth’s Honda UK team in World Superbikes.

He finished seventh overall. The 1993 season was the beginning of his era as a factory Ducati rider. The I’m a Celebrity winner battled with Scott Russell for the title, winning 11 races to the American’s five.

However, his Isle of Man achievements actually started in the mid-1980s. He won the 1985 Lightweight Newcomers event at the Manx Grand Prix and went on to win three TT races – and the rest is history!

Carl Fogarty
Photo by Howard Walker/Mirrorpix/Getty Images



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