In the Love Island villa, most Islanders spend their days lounging around in swimwear. It’s a staple feature of the viewing, seeing perfectly toned and tanned individuals lapping up even more sunshine.

So we as viewers get very acclimatised to the bodies of the Islanders over the nine weeks we watch them, day in, day out.

But since the male Islanders had to undergo a challenge involving stripping off all their gear in episode 40 (Thursday, July 18th), viewers have noticed that one of the boy’s body shape has started to change.

So has Curtis Pritchard gained weight whilst being on the show? We’ve done some digging to find out.

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep40 on ITV2
Pictured: The Islanders take part in the Men At Work challenge: Curtis.

Curtis when he entered the villa

In the promotional shots for Love Island, Curtis Pritchard looked toned and leaned, with a bit of definition around his stomach.

He definitely was not as buff as Michael Griffiths with his eight-pack, or as broad as Tommy Fury the boxer, but he was trim.

As a professional dancer, Curtis is obviously fit and healthy, but fans are wondering whether his time in the villa – and out of practice – has led him to put on some weight.

One Tweeted after seeing him in the Men At Work challenge in episode 40, “Why has Curtis all of a sudden added weight”. Another added that he had “put on mad weight”.

Curtis Pritchard: Before and after the villa

In the picture below of Curtis greeting Arabella Chi into the villa on June 20th, his shape looks slightly more trim than it does now. He is clearly toned all over and muscular, but without any significant definition.

Screenshot: Arabella’s Arrival Leaves the Islanders in Shock – Love Island YouTube

Looking at a picture of Curtis teaching Maura Higgins how to dance in episode 30 (Sunday, July 7th), we can see that he starts to have a bit of a ‘dad bod’ in comparison to his fellow Islanders.

He appears to have gained slightly more weight on his stomach in the image below.

Screenshot: Curtis Gives Maura a Dance Lesson – Love Island YouTube

Viewers started to pick up on Curtis’ slightly larger frame in the challenges, when he has to strip off after the likes of Ovie, Michael, Anton and Tommy.

Each of the men consistently works out in the villa, but dancer Curtis seems less interested in the gym. We’re with you Curtis!

Curtis comments on his weight gain

Stepping out of the villa and into what seems to be overnight fame must be a terrifying thing to do. It’s then made harder when reading everything the public and press have said about you.

And one thing Curtis felt that he needed to comment on was the weight speculations.

Speaking to, Curtis said “all the other lads were in incredible shape, I like to go up and down… When I’m dancing I’m up, when I’m enjoying myself I like to eat food”.

Considering that Curtis has just spent eight weeks on holiday, drinking and eating well, it’s no surprise that he would gain a bit of extra weight. Who could blame him, he’s on holiday not bootcamp!

Speaking to The Sun, Curtis said he “enjoyed gaining weight” while in the villa.

Even if he just gained a couple of pounds, we think Curtis looks great and he’s left the villa with the gorgeous Maura Higgins on his arm, so weight gain hasn’t stopped his pursuit of love!