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From ITV Studios Love Island: SR4: Ep42 on ITV2 Pictured: Jack and Dani at the beach club. Dani Dyer actress.

WATCH 'actress' Dani Dyer in all her terrible movie cameos! 2.5 rating on IMDB!

You may not know this, but Love Island 2018 star Dani Dyer is a Hollywood actress.

Okay, so not quite. But she does have an IMDB profile.

The daughter of Eastenders actor and movie geezer, Danny Dyer, has appeared in a handful of films, primarily taking on small roles where her dad has been the lead.

Let’s take a look at her acting career, as we wonder – what the hell would that accent sound like an in IMAX cinema?

Dani Dyer’s Film Legacy

The Other Half (5/10 IMDB)

Dani is attributed to working on eight films during a 12-year spell, with the 22-year-old making her first big-screen appearance in The Other Half when she was just 10-years-old.

Of course, this was a movie that dad Danny starred in, and is all about football hooliganism.

God-damn the movie description sounds awful:

When English Mark surprises American bride Holly with her dream honeymoon to Portugal, she can’t believe her luck. They arrive in Portugal to discover that the country is hosting a major international soccer tournament and that the English national team is playing! Whats more, the England team, and their raucous fans, seem to follow them everywhere. Soccer-loving Mark claims innocence – a complete coincidence – after all, what kind of man would lie to his new wife just to watch England play?”

Doghouse (6.1/10 IMDB)

Three years later and Dani was in 2009 film Doghouse.

It’s a sort of budget spinoff of Shaun of the Dead and is actually quite good.

It’s definitely worth the watch, although we’re not sure you’ll manage to spot Dani’s cameo role as ‘zombie ballerina’.

Run Your Wife (2.5/10 IMDB)

Okay, so this could be the lowest ranked movie on IMDB! Have you ever seen a movie with a score of 2.5?

Now 16, Dani plays herself during this epic British film failure.

She’s not in the trailer, but there is the world’s worst voiceover and Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud trying to act.

Please watch…

We Still Kill The Old Way (6/10 IMDB)

Dani Dyer continued the development of her acting career by stepping into more of a prominent role, this time in 2014 gangster flick We Still Kill The Old Way.

Suffering abuse from her boyfriend in the movie, you wouldn’t catch Jack Fincham acting like this…

Vendetta (5.9/10 IMDB), Age of Kill (3.7/10), Bonded By Blood 2 (4.5/10),

Finishing up the list are three more movies where Dani does little more than chirp up in a few scenes.

From our very little research, and seeing Dani’s scenes on YouTube, she probably isn’t the worst actress in the world. Then again, the average rating of the eight movies she has appeared in is 4.2/10.

Either way, Dani probably not going to go on to Hollywood acting after the Love Island villa…

When is the Love Island lie detector? Is it happening next week?



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