Clothes have been non-stop talked about this season of Love Island.

The show’s partnership with clothing retailers I Saw It First means many can now get their hands on exactly what the Islanders are wearing. And they’re always looking bang on trend, so it also provides great inspo for our summer wardrobes.

But one thing people have picked up on is that many are wearing the same items, leading us to question whether the Islanders, in fact, share their wardrobes.

So do they share clothes on Love Island?

We’ve taken to the internet to do some digging over the Islanders wardrobe and how they get to choose what to wear on the show.

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Love Island: SR5: Ep11 on ITV2
Pictured: The Boys go to a spa.

Who shares what on Love Island?

Some pretty statement pieces have been bandied around on Love Island season 5.


From Lucie’s lightning bolt swimsuit to Molly-Mae’s killer dresses there have been some easily recognisable outfits this year which have been worn on numerous occasions.

But also by numerous people, it would appear.

Lucie has been wearing her Halla swimsuit for weeks, but then in episode 21 (Wednesday, June 26th), Maura started to wear it. Which seriously grossed out some viewers.

Lucie also seemed to share a stripey bikini with Arabella, whilst Molly-Mae and Amber have shared a neon green bikini.

Even the boys are doing it too…

It would seem that the sharing has not been limited to just bikinis, but most other items of the Islanders’ wardrobes.

Michael’s pink shirt from Reiss was later worn by Joe Garratt.

And Tommy Fury’s buttoned-up polo shirts have been seen on Danny and Michael as well.

So are they sharing?

It is hard to say whether they are or not.

It is possible, however gross some people may think it is, as the people who are swapping items tend to be of similar stature, shapes and sizes.

But as the Islanders are provided with outfits in a rumoured off-screen wardrobe, there’s a chance they just have duplicates of each item.

Screenshot: Love Island S5 E21

The suitcase theory

One reason there must be an offscreen wardrobe with all the Islanders clothing provided for them is the size of their suitcases.

When they enter and leave the villa with their suitcases, they are clearly not massive bags. They potentially would hold up to two-weeks of clothing max, considering all the outfit changes the contestants have.

There’s no way they could fit eight weeks’ worth of clothes in those bags!

That leads us to think that they bring some of their own clothes, but then they can choose items to wear from a fashion cupboard, supplied by I Saw It First and other retailers.

There definitely has to be a wardrobe somewhere considering the costumes they wear for the challenges!