Does Yewande Biala have the best teeth in the villa? Are they real?

Appearances are undeniably one of the focal points of Love Island and this year one feature has been in the spotlight more than others… Teeth!

From Amy Hart’s veneers to Anna Vakili’s, teeth have been non-stop talked about.

And now another smile is under the spotlight – Yewande’s.

Here’s why we think Yewande Biala has the best teeth in the villa this year and why viewers are obsessed with her smile.

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Love Island: SR5: Ep7 on ITV2

Why are people talking about Yewande’s teeth?

Yewande has been one of the most bubbly, friendly and loveable contestants on Love Island 2019 since she stepped in the villa.

And in episode 7 (Monday, June 10th), Yewande was taken on a date by Danny Williams, which made her extra smiley as she non-stop flashed her teeth throughout!

Even Danny’s first comment was on her gleaming gnashers, saying she had “really nice” teeth.

And fans were so happy to see Yewande happy and have become complete ‘Dewande’ shippers.

Are Yewande’s teeth real?

Pictures from her Instagram years back show that she’s always been keen to show off her perfect smile and gleaming teeth, which make us think Yewande has just been naturally blessed.

Unlike some of her fellow Islanders who have opted for veneers and teeth whitening, it seems that Yewande is au natural.

We think she has the best teeth and smile in the villa and it would seem that the fans agree!





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