Love Island contestants if they were England players - it's coming home!

Love Island contestants if they were England players - it's coming home!

The summer of 2018 will be remembered for two things; Love Island series four and football coming home. So what about the Love Island England players?

Fans of football and reality TV fanatics rarely see eye to eye, which is why we’ve drawn similarities between the Love Island 2018 cast and the England World Cup squad.

As gaps in the WC schedule start to appear, here’s a little article to help you understand Love Island and score some serious brownie points with the better half.

Wes Nelson – Jordan Henderson

Just like Jordan Henderson is to the England team, Wes is a key cog in the Love Island cast.

Does he do anything spectacular? No, not really, but he is considered a mainstay in the show.

Both Wes and Hendo go about their business quietly – the undercover bossman type.

The Love Island / England squad – Wes Nelson – ITV2, series 4,

Sam Bird – Kyle Walker

Sam Bird thinks he’s seriously cool. He’s not.

The personal trainer from Norwich gave himself the nickname of ‘The Bird’ and uses it as if everyone else does. No-one does.

Check out Sam’s dodgy eyebrows and tell us that it’s not dissimilar to Walker’s tramline haircut and random goatee.

Rosie Williams – Jesse Lingard 

England’s Jesse Lingard is bursting with energy, fronting the most swag and sass out of all the Three Lions – dancing, celebrating, doing impossible handshakes.

While Jesse doesn’t strut the same hip-thundering walk as Rosie, they’re definitely the king and queen of sass.

Love Island: Sam Bird and Rosie?

Laura Anderson – Gary Cahill 

The England team needed at least one reliable and experienced head in the squad, and Gary got the nod.

Laura has all the same attributes in ageing legs and a distinct lack of chemistry with the younger stars.

Picture Gary attempting to floss with Dele Alli – that’s Laura in most social situations.

Love Island Laura being Wes’s mum – ITV2, series 4, episode 15

Eyal Booker – Phil Jones 

Drawing any comparison from a professional sportsperson to Eyal Booker isn’t easy.

Eyal is the type of guy who would say “soccer” and simply prove a massive f*ckin headache when you’re trying to watch the game down the pub.

And who seems like the weirdest bloke in the England squad… Big Phil Jones.

Screen Shot: Eyal Booker’s weird ‘I love green things comment’ – Love Island, ITV2, series 4, episode 9

Ellie Brown – Nick Pope 

If you’re scanning through the Love Island cast, looking for someone who was unconvincingly chucked into the mixer, then look no further than Ellie.

She’s set to break Dr Alex’s heart and could well be the next contestant to be dumped from the island.

So, just like Nick Pope, don’t expect a lot.

Screen Shot: Love Island Dr Alex kiss Ellie – ITV2, series 4, episode 13

Adam Collard – John Stones

We’ve all got our fingers crossed, praying that John Stones doesn’t do something stupid.

And that’s basically what it’s like if you’re a mega fan of Adam Collard.

It’s only a matter of time before both of them balls something up, with neither the best at ‘decision making’.

At least Adam knows how to ‘get rid’…

Love Island sex reveal: Contestants tell us how many people they have slept with – Adam Collard – ITV2, series 4

Zara McDermott – Harry Maguire

If Adam Collard is John Stones then his partner in crime, Zara McDermott, has to be Harry Maguire.

Both Hazza and Zara do a job with little thrills, although neither are the type whose name you’d have plastered across the back of a shirt.

Love Island: Zara McDermott nude scandal.

Samira Mighty – Ruben Loftus-Cheek

Both Samira Mighty and Ruben Loftus-Cheek have a likeable air of swag about them.

It’s not try-hard like Rosie Williams (Jesse Lingard) but naturally badass.

Will she make the final? Will Loftus make the starting XI?

The Love Island / England squad – Samira Mighty – ITV2, series 4,

Jack Fincham – Dele Alli 

Jack Fincham is something of an icon when it comes to Love Island 2018.

He’s cute, dweebish and simply adorable. If you can picture one cast member going the Dele Alli wave then it would have to be Jack the Lad.

Megan Barton-Hanson – Fabian Delph

Megan Barton-Hanson is a bit of a utility player – she will go anywhere with anyone.

Having started off Love Island 2018 flirting with Dr Alex, Megan soon changed positions to Eyal Booker, and now looks as if she would happily slot into the Wes Nelson girlfriend role.

The Love Island / England squad – Megan Barton-Hanson – ITV2, series 4,

Hayley Hughes – Raheem Sterling

Hayley Hughes has become the scapegoat for everything that is wrong with Love Island.

A whiney and ditsy model from Liverpool, Hayley has become a picture for everything that is wrong with the ITV2 series.

Similarly, Raheem will never do right in the U.K media and has struggled to win over more fans following performances like that game against Panama. Certainly not one of the strongest Love Island England players.

Embed from Getty Images

Love Island Hayley Hughes

Dani Mas Dyer – Jamie Vardy

Dani Dyer’s having a party!

Alike Jamie Vardy, daughter of Eastenders actor and Deadliest Men presenter Danny Dyer, Dani, is a bit of a lad.

Both Jamie and Dani go for Blue WKD as their choice of drink at weekends, and we imagine that their spelling game is on similar levels.

Josh Denzel – Ashley Young

Josh Denzel: Doing bits, playing a useful role, not exactly causing any excitement.

If Ashley Young pulls out a 30-yard screamer then he will go from a ‘does the job’ player to an absolute hero – same can apply for Josh Denzel and his reluctant tagging along in the show so far.

The Love Island / England squad – Josh Denzel – ITV2, series 4,

Kendal Rae Knight – Danny Welbeck

One big glaring miss.

It’s Danny Welbeck, AKA Kendal Rae Knight.

Kendall – Love Island: SR4: Ep2 on ITV2

Charlie Frederick – Eric Dier 

Eric Dier has been unlucky to fall down the pecking order under Gareth Southgate.

A sure starter 12 months ago, Dier is more of a bench warmer now.

Likewise, we would’ve loved to have seen more of Charlie in the Majorca villa, but just like Eric Dier, there are better options out there.

Charlie and Hayley – Love Island, ITV2, first couple eviction, series 4

Georgia Steel – Marcus Rashford

Georgia has boundless amounts of energy and is the youngest contestant in the villa at 20-years-old – the same age as Rash-Rash.

There’s always the potential for Georgia to steal the show, although it looks more likely that she will remain more on the sidelines.

The Love Island / England squad – Georgia Steel – ITV2, series 4

Niall Aslam – Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Could have done very well on the big stage but basically pulled out because of injury.

Niall Aslam = Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Screen Shot: Niall Aslam rainbow fish story – Love Island, ITV2, series four, episode three

Alex George – Harry Kane

Currently, Love Island’s knight in shining armour who can’t do wrong.

That could be about to change following a heated row with Ellie Brown, although we fully expect Dr Alex to lead the way to the final, just like Kane will do with England.

Alex get’s a text – it’s coming home! Definitely one of the best Love Island England players in the competition.

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR4: Ep14 on ITV2

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