Explore Omer Majid's Love Island break-in video - who is the YouTuber?

A YouTuber named Omer Majid recently videoed himself breaking into the Love Island villa and fans are eager to watch the wild event!

Explore the break-in footage and discover all you need to know about prankster Omer Majid, below.

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Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Explore Omer Majid’s Love Island break-in video

A content creator named Omer Majid recently broke into the villa where ITV’s Love Island is filmed.

Although Majid has not yet uploaded the full YouTube video capturing the event, he did manage to live-stream his entrance.

While breaking into the dating show’s site, a fellow content creator of Majid’s named Abz snuck into the set of BBC’s soap opera, Eastenders.

@_.abz2 shared footage of both of the incidents onto TikTok.


WE BOTH SNUCK INTO BIG TV SETS. EASTENDERS AND LOVE [email protected] #foryoupage #ukcomedy comedy #loveisland

♬ Nice To Meet Ya – Wes Nelson

The live recording of Omer Majid trespassing has now spiralled the internet and has been reposted by many TikTok users.

Check out different versions of the video, below!


Only on the LITTEST LIVE IN THE SOUTHHH🤣🤣 #loveisland #fyp

♬ original sound – Daily Dose Of Videos

@lottiehulmeshowbiz recaps the scenario and states that although he did break into the villa, the YouTuber did not come in contact with any contestants.

Another TikToker, amongst many others, also summarised the dangerous incident.

Who is the YouTuber?

Omer Majid currently has over 12,000 YouTube subscribers and his content surrounds various prank scenarios.

With over 7,000 followers, @therealomz‘s Instagram feed suggests that the creator travels a lot.

Additionally, @omermajid has a large audience on TikTok with a following of more than 50,000 users.

His uploads on the video-sharing platform also contain pranks.

What has happened since the event?

Since the occurrence, @therealomz uploaded footage of policemen surrounding him onto his Instagram story.

The caption states that the video will be shared on YouTube at 6 pm BST, 8th July 2021.

Screenshot: @therealomz Instagram story

According to his conversation with the Daily Star, Omer travelled to the Balearic Island of Majorca with the intention to gain access to the Love Island set.

Omer reportedly stated:

“I planned it for a while. I literally flew here just to do that from the UK.”

The Mirror reported that a Love Island spokeswoman has acknowledged the identified security breach and stated that an intruder was removed from the villa with immediate effect.

Over on TikTok, @clodagh.griffin summarised the event and concluded that Omer Majid was caught trespassing and dragged out of the villa.

ITV announced that the area was then deep cleaned to maintain COVID-19 regulations and prevent contamination.

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Clodagh also stated that apparently up to five people a day try to break into and access the famous location…

Keep up with Omer Majid on his social media platforms for updates regarding the alleged upcoming video.

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