Fans ask 'Is Caroline Flack cross eyed?' in Love Island 2019 final

The final of Love Island season 5 hit our screens on Monday, July 29th bringing another year of drama, gossip and romance to a close. And it was not without a shocking twist ending!

Relatively new couple Greg and Amber surprised viewers everywhere by taking home the win over the bookies’ favourites Tommy and Molly-Mae.

While there were cheers across the nation for the underdogs, there was also a whole lot of gossip continuing online about the antics of the final.

And one thing that stumped viewers during the final was whatever happened to host Caroline Flack’s eyes.

So is Caroline Flack cross-eyed, or was something else affecting her vision during the episode?

Screenshot: Love Island S5 E57 – ITV Hub

What was happening to Caroline’s eyes?

In the final episode of this series, we got a whole load of screentime from the Flack as she hosted the episode live from the Majorca villa.

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But as viewers watched Caroline present the episode, they couldn’t help but notice she looked as if she was cross-eyed. One viewer dubbed it “cod eye” on Twitter, which means they have a bulging or protruding eye. Another asked “Has Caroline Flack got a glass eye?”

The speculations were flying out over what was happening on screen. This physical issue came out of nowhere and never before on the show have viewers noted a problem with Caroline’s eyes.

A makeup disaster

Although we don’t know what exactly caused Caroline Flack to look as if she had lazy or crossed eyes, many thought it was down to her makeup choices.

Caroline opted for a bolder, more full eye makeup look with false lashes. This could have caused it to look as if her eyes were pointing in the opposite direction, or they could have blurred her vision.

But that led to her makeup artist being placed in the firing line with viewers stating that they had “messed up” big time with Caroline’s final look.

Caroline distracts in her striped dress

Although there were some who could not stop focussing on Caroline’s eyes, the majority of viewers were stunned by her striped dress – and not for the right reasons.

One Twitter user wrote: “Caroline’s weird long thing hanging off her dress is wrecking my head.. looks like she caught it in the car door”. Another viewer added that they “Fully think Caroline Flacks stylist hates her.”

Sounds like neither Caroline’s makeup artist nor stylist will get the rehire for the next season of the hit ITV series…

But if you were of the viewership who thought Caroline looked great in the episode, you can buy something similar here.

Let’s hope next year the Flack will hit an all rounder with her finals look!





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