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Finn's Full English joke leaves Love Island viewers thinking - "Paige was gonna swing for him"

Despite the fact that Love Island is all about finding a new romantic partner, the hit ITV dating series has become relatively tame when it comes to the bedroom antics.

Early seasons saw all kinds of naughtiness displayed, from cupboard sex to going the whole hog in front of all the other Islanders – and that was just in season 2!

Since ITV made the decision to stop airing so much sexual content from season 4 onwards, the Islanders have come up with their own ingenuous ways of explaining what went down in the bedroom to their fellow contestants. It all started back with the ‘Do Bits Society’ (or DBS as we now all know them), but each season has had its own iteration.

This most recent series, which drew to its conclusion on Sunday, February 23rd, saw the emergence of the ‘Breakfast Club’ founded by none other than the series’ winner, Finley Tapp. But when Finn made a reference to the club’s lingo in front of Paige and all those attending the final, it didn’t go down all too well.

Screenshot: Love Island S6 Breakfast Club – Love Island YouTube

When did the ‘Breakfast Club’ start?

When things started to get serious for some of the Islanders in their couples, obvious next steps would be to take their relationship to the next stage physically. And rather than explain in graphic detail what had gone down, the boys created a code for their sexual activity using breakfast as the examples.

It started off with toast, and moved on to tomatoes and avocados, each signifying a level of intimacy. Obviously, the full English means finally having sexual intercourse. The whole shebang. And no Islander had yet a full English whilst in the villa.

Members of the Breakfast Club included Finn, Luke M, Luke T, Mike and Ched.

What was Finn’s full English joke?

As some have speculated that the Islanders are banned from having sex in the Love Island villa, Finn’s joke about getting a full English when he’s home backs up that thought.

When Laura Whitmore grilled Finn on the Breakfast Club, Finn was quick to share his excitement for a “full English.”

He said:

I think what I’m most excited about is getting that full English when I get home.

And obviously this comment had some of his fellow Islanders – mainly the ‘Breakfast Club’ boys – in stitches.

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Full English falls flat with Paige

All viewers who had been watching the Breakfast Club meet and discuss over the past couple of weeks found this joke hilarious, but there were some who were shocked rather than amused. One of whom was certainly his girlfriend Paige Turley.

When Finn made the full English joke, both Paige and host Laura Whitmore looked completely shocked.

One viewer tweeted: “I thought Paige was gonna swing for Fin when he made the full English breakfast comment”

She definitely didn’t look happy… and we’re sure mama and papa Turley won’t be either!

Screenshot: Love Island S6 E37 – ITV Hub




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