After a brief hiatus of just six months, Love Island is back in our lives to kick away the winter blues.

Currently, twelve singletons are jetting off to Cape Town in South Africa for the experience of their lives. It’s definitely going to be one rollercoaster of a journey, as Love Island is now a certified way of becoming a celeb and household name throughout the UK and beyond.

Eve Gale, one of the twins competing on Winter Love Island this January, has already had already hit the headlines thanks to her connection with a global superstar – Kylie Jenner’s ex Tyga tried to woo her!

Tyga fell head over heels for Kylie’s surgically altered look, but has Eve also gone under the knife? We’ve done some digging into old pictures to see whether Eve Gale is au naturel or has had surgery!

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Love Island: SR6 on ITV2
Pictured: Eve and Jess Gale.

Meet Love Island’s Eve

Eve Gale is a 20-year-old student originally from Cambridge.

She attended Long Road Sixth Form College from 2015 to 2017 before moving to London to attend university.

Eve has mentioned that she is a Geography student and is currently at King’s College London, according to her LinkedIn profile.

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Has Eve Gale had surgery?

Taking one look at Eve and Jess – Love Island’s first siblings – it’s no surprise people would jump to think they’ve had work done.

The twins look like barbies with their platinum tresses and perfect pouts.

The Daily Mail unearthed some old pictures of the twins from when they were 15 years old and from the looks of it, the major difference between then and now is their hair colour. They’re naturally redheads!

Another major difference is their lips, which have definitely received a little bit of TLC from the plastic surgeons over the years.

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Eve Gale: Before and after


Looking at pictures from 2016, not much has changed about Eve from then to now. So, although she may have altered her hair colour and lip size, we think she’s pretty much a natural beauty!

Instagram screenshot @popsingram 10/07/2016


Eve is definitely not afraid of showing off her assets, so she’s definitely going to feel right at home prancing around the villa in a bikini!

In all of Eve’s most recent pictures, it’s clear she’s been hitting the gym. We’re sure many will speculate that Eve has had a boob job as well, however we think it’s nothing more than a little exercise that has perfected Eve’s hourglass figure.

From the before and after pictures on Instagram – and looking at Jessica’s pictures as well – the twins seem to always have had enviable figures!

Follow Eve on Instagram

Eve understandably already has a large Instagram following… she had enough of a following to capture Tyga’s attention online!

Before entering the villa, Eve has over 15,000 followers, a number which has rocketed by 1,000 just upon announcement that she was going on the reality series.

Check out Eve on Instagram @evegale



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