Fans ask "Has Faye been kicked off Love Island" as Twitter rumour mill turns

Within 48 hours, rumours have been spread that the Love Island villa has lost not one but two Islanders.

The seventh season of the hit ITV2 dating show commenced on Monday, June 28th 2021. Within just a couple of days, Shannon Singh was dumped from the villa after Chloe Burrows picked Aaron Francis, leaving Shannon single.

While we watched as Shannon packed her bags to go, Love Island fans are fearing that another favourite has already departed from the villa. So, has Faye left the show, after just two days? Let’s take a look.

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Screenshot: Faye Winter Love Island – ITV Press

Twitter talks potential Faye Winter departure

During Love Island season 7 episode 3 (Wednesday, June 30th), viewers started theorising that Faye Winter had left the show.

A stream of tweets discussing her departure hit our Twitter feeds, although they were completely unfounded. But this sparked fears that Faye had either left of her own volition or been kicked off the show.

Ah, the good old Love Island rumour mill is clearly back in action.

Has Faye Winter been kicked off Love Island?

No. Faye Winter has not been kicked off Love Island season 7, as of publication date. There has been no indication from ITV or Faye’s personal Instagram account that she has left the villa.

Faye was the star of season 7 episode 3 (Wednesday, June 30th). By the end of the episode, you could vote whether you wanted Faye to go on a date with one of the new boys entering the villa.

As you could vote for Faye Winter on the Love Island app, this means she will appear in episode 4 (Thursday, July 1st). This means that Faye is remaining a permanent fixture on the show – for now!

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So, when’s the next Love Island recoupling?

With Brad McClelland and Faye confirming that there is nothing romantic between them, Faye is open to recouple with another Islander.

Last series, the Islanders’ first recoupling was on day 6. The two male bombshell entries – Connagh Howard and Finley Tapp – entered on day 5. They then had to choose which of the girls they wanted to couple up with.

With this timeframe in mind, the first recoupling for Love Island season 7 should be on Friday, July 2nd. This is one day after new boys Chuggs and Liam enter the villa.

Will either of them take Faye Winter’s fancy?

Tempers are flaring as Faye and Brad clash | Love Island Series 7 Trailer

Tempers are flaring as Faye and Brad clash | Love Island Series 7 Trailer



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