Has India from Love Island had plastic surgery? Nose job and more!

Has India from Love Island had plastic surgery? Nose job and more!

When a new contestant steps into the Love Island villa, everything is up for criticism from one’s appearance, to their mannerisms and behaviours. Whether it’s fair or just, it’s an inevitable part of the viewing process of reality TV.

And when India Reynolds joined the hit ITV series by episode 45 (Wednesday, July 17th), Chris Taylor, Ovie Soko and viewers everywhere were smitten with her. From her bubbly personality to her stunning looks, she won over the hearts of all.

But over the weeks, viewers have begun to speculate that her beauty is not all-natural and have resorted to criticisms of her appearance time and again.

So has India Reynolds had surgery? We’ve done some investigating on social media to find out the answer once and for all!

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Love Island: SR5: Ep38 on ITV2
Pictured: Chris and India on a date.

Has India Reynolds had surgery?

India looked like an all-natural beauty, with long glossy chestnut tresses and dark eyes.

But one physical attribute has been questioned after the ‘meet the family’ episode.

When India’s mother and sister Ruby entered the Love Island villa in episode 56 (Sunday, July 28th), you could instantly see that India’s nose was entirely different to the rest of her family’s.

One viewer said “Having seen her mum and sister – India has deffo had a nose job” and there are many Tweets following in the same thought pattern.

When actually looking at pictures of the three Reynolds women, there is a noticeable difference. But whether or not this is down to surgical changes is still just speculative. Particularly as India could take after her father, who we have not seen any photos of.

Screenshot: Ruby Reynolds in Love Island S4 E56 – ITV Hub

India vs. the Reynolds women

When India Reynolds sat down with her mum and sister to catch up, there was little resemblance between her and the rest of the Reynolds.

Not only does India have a different nose to her mum and Ruby, but her lips are also completely different in shape and poutiness.

We think India must have had some lip fillers added, which is not unsurprising considering her career as an Instagram influencer and model – lip fillers are almost a prerequisite of the jobs these days!

But bar those facial changes, we don’t think India has had any other work done. Her slender frame can be down to her vegan diet and working out, and the rest of India’s assets seem to be all her own.




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