Fans of Love Island, or any reality TV for that matter, know that the people on the shows tend to be über-perfect humans. They also know that most of the time, this is due to surgical enhancements.

So who from the 2019 cast has had some va va voom done to help them win hearts during the summer of their lives?

Read on to find out about Love Island’s Anna Vakili and what work she has had done to be dubbed the “British Kim Kardashian”.

Love Island: SR5: Ep1 on ITV2
Pictured: Anna.

Meet Anna Vakili…

28-year-old Londoner Anna is shaking things up in the Love Island villa.

After obtaining her masters degree, Anna has been working as a pharmacist and we’re sure she intimidates the rest of the Islanders with her brains and beauty… apart from maybe fellow scientist Yewande Biala!

But with her appearance on Love Island comes an inevitable criticism of, you guessed it, her appearance.

Out of all the contestants this year, Anna seems to have come under fire for what appears to be her surgically enhanced features.

So, has Anna had surgery?

An ex told the mirror that she went under the knife to have a boob job done in January 2016, but that he wouldn’t be surprised if she had had multiple works done since then.

This is largely unconfirmed, but still, the rumours will not stop flying out.

And people on the internet who share their thoughts about plastic surgery and reality stars don’t always do so in the most thoughtful way.

One Twitter user said: “Whoever did that Anna’s surgery botched her so bad”.

But fans of Anna’s have already lept to her defence. We apologise for the strong language of Anna’s fans, but they clearly feel passionate about protecting the Love Island star!

We thought we’d do some digging on Instagram to see whether some before and after pictures could clarify the surgery speculations.

Here’s what we found…


The most obvious signs of surgical enhancements is Anna’s plumped pout.

While it does look like she has had some filler added to enhance her naturally full lips, it also looks like Anna exaggerates her fuller pout with makeup.



Brazilian bum lift

Next up on the ‘quick to criticise’ list was Anna’s Kardashian-style curves.

Looking at the before and after pics, it does look like Anna has had some work done… Or she just has a very good personal trainer and is not afraid of doing squats like her life depended on it!



The conclusion…

We can’t say for certain that Anna has had this work done, as these days Instagram can be edited and altered as much as the pages of glossy magazines. And those on Twitter trolling Anna’s features might just be jealous!

But for one thing, Anna’s first post to Instagram back in 2015 touches on the topic of plastic surgery and says you shouldn’t “shame” those who have decided to go under the knife.

And we couldn’t agree more with those words of wisdom, Anna!



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