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How Love Island newbie Harley Brash knows Adam Collard - did they date?

It seems that each year the Love Island casting team choose the Islanders from a smaller and smaller pool. Most of the cast – although they don’t admit it on the show – have links to one another. Remember that Danny Williams was already besties with season 4’s Charlie Frederick, who was dating Arabella Chi? Now that was a sticky situation…

And it looks like Bombshell Harley Brash is already a bit of a celeb in the reality TV circuit herself, knowing all the stars from both Geordie Shore and Love Island.

But her connection to one former Islander, in particular, has caused a bit of a stir and rumours they have dated are flying out.

So did Harley date Adam Collard? Read on to find out everything you need to know about their friendship…

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Love Island: SR5 on ITV2
Pictured: Harley Brash.

How do Harley and Adam know each other?

As Harley is BFF with ex-Islander Ellie Brown, most have assumed Harley had met Adam through Ellie after they appeared on season 4 of the hit ITV show.

But their relationship pre-dates Ellie’s appearance on the show, as on May 15th 2018, Adam commented on a picture of Harley and her pal on a night out in Newcastle.

Harley, Adam and Ellie are all just a couple of years apart, leading us to think they may have met in their younger years growing up in Newcastle, or out on the city’s major party scene.

It would make sense that Harley is a party girl, as from her Insta we discovered she had connections to Geordie Shore’s Tahlia Chung, Nat Phillips and Sophie Kasaei dating back to 2016.

Have Harley and Adam dated?

The pair have denied any romantic relationship, but rumours circulated back in April 2019, as the pair were spotted out for dinner in London.

Harley said before coming on the show that she knew Adam and thought he was a “lovely boy”. Speaking on the ‘dinner date’, she said:

We went for dinner and were pictured and it was suggested we were dating but we’re just friends.

But some of Adam’s comments to Harley would suggest they had more than just a close friendship.

Adam clearly has a fond nickname for Harley, calling her “trouble” on her Insta posts (and a photo of her in a lacey red bra). But on June 22nd 2019 he commented that Harley had “punched [him] in the face for speaking to” another girl. That sounds like a little bit more than just a close friendship… jealous were we, Harley?

Ex-Islanders suggest they are more than ‘just friends’…

Although Harley has said nothing romantic is going on between her and Adam Collard, there are some former Islanders who seem to think there was more to it than friendship.

Previously Zara McDermott and Harley had a good friendship. Harley ran Ellie Brown’s Instagram profile while she was in the villa and Zara met up with her immediately after she was dumped from the Island.

The two had a close friendship and Zara would often call her “my baby” or “delicious” on her Insta photos. But after the supposed date in London, the two don’t appear to be close anymore, although they still follow each other on Insta – there can’t be too much bad blood!

But it was Ellie Brown’s ex Charlie Brake who made us think twice about the romantic relationship. He commented “snake” on one of her Instagram photos on April 2nd, to which she responded “takes one to know one”.

If there’s any bad blood, we think it’s between these two!

Harley’s connections to other Islanders

Not only does Harley know most of the new Geordie Shore cast, but she also knows many ex-Islanders.

While some are clearly made through her friendship with Ellie, such as Samira Mighty and Kaz Crossley, there are a few other links to the villa for which we have no explanation!

Charlie Frederick commented some suggestive messages to Harley on her Instagram, but she also appears to know his ex Arabella Chi (awks).

Harley also knows Casa Amor 2019 entry Maria Wild and season 3’s Danielle Sellers.

She’s practically a part of the villa already!




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