How not to put on make-up ft Love Island’s Demi Jones

How not to put on make-up ft Love Island’s Demi Jones

Casa Amor has proven many things over the past two days the Love Island 2020 contestants have been in there.

Firstly, the relationships we once ‘shipped’ were not as stable as we thought; next, the pattern of the male Islanders jumping ship has stayed true.

But the period in Casa Amor has also revealed a rather odd beauty routine which has been cracking up viewers.

Although Demi Jones always looks flawless, in last night’s episode (Wednesday, February 5th), we got to go behind-the-scenes with her makeup look. It’s pretty much a guide on what not to do!

Screenshot: Fresh-faced Demi in Love Island S6 E22 – ITV Hub

Demi’s makeup routine

Halfway through the episode, Demi and the other Islanders began to prep for their evening glam look. Earlier we’d seen a fresh-faced Demi strutting around the villa, so we all got a pretty good look at what she looks like when she’s not all dolled up.

When Demi then started her makeup routine, she did it in such a bizarre fashion that viewers could not help but laugh.

Step 1 – prepare your base

The ‘getting ready’ montages have supplied some pretty iconic scenes and Demi’s face mask / blow-dry moment is definitely one of them.

Although, we’re not sure if it is iconic as Connor Durman’s fringe tan line from earlier this season.

Screenshot: Love Island S6 E22 – ITV Hub

Step 2 – select your foundation and run with it

It’s not a surprise that the Islanders would want to amp up their sun-kissed look while on a gorgeous (and televised) holiday in South Africa. But Demi took things a little too far with this one…

Choosing a shade of foundation way too dark for her rosy, fair skin, Demi’s makeup routine revealed that she’s been deceiving us with that tanned glow all along.

It’s most likely that Demi fake tans the rest of her body to match up with her darker foundation. The moment even had fans reciting Dave lyrics: “No shade, what shade is your foundation in?”

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Screenshot: Love Island S6 E22 – ITV Hub

Step 3 – bronze and contour

When initiating the bronzing and contouring stage of her makeup routine – for all those makeup newbies, this is the part where you can really ‘go ham’ on defining your bone structure – fans were baffled with Demi’s choices again.

Using a massive brush to contour her nose, Demi barely could get any actual definition in!

One viewer asked on Twitter: “Why’s Demi contouring her little nose with such a massive brush Lool”

And another could help but add: “Look at the brush Demi is using to contour her nose. No wonder why it looks so harsh.”

Safe to say we don’t think Demi will be getting a job as an MUA anytime soon…

Screenshot: Love Island S6 E22 – ITV Hub





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