How old is Love Island newbie Elma Pazar? Some fans are speculating she's 35 and up!

How old is Love Island newbie Elma Pazar? Some fans are speculating she's 35 and up!

More Bombshells have been dropped on Love Island season 5 and we’re only just getting started!

Entering the villa in episode 9 (Wednesday, June 12th) is Elma Pazar and Maura Higgins, who are looking to win the hearts of some of the villa’s most sought after bachelors.

But one thing fans couldn’t help but notice upon Elma’s entrance was how much older she looked than the other contestants.

So just how old is Elma Pazar? Read on to find out everything about her age, career and more…

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Love Island: SR5 on ITV2
Pictured: Elma Pazar.

Elma Pazar: Age

Although fans thought she looked much older, Elma is in fact just 26-years-old.

This does place her at the elder end of the cast, with the majority being between 20 and 23 years old. Anna Vakili is currently oldest in the villa at 28-years-old.

This Essex beauty has described herself as “a big ball of energy” and she definitely looks like she is going to ruffle some feathers in the villa.

Even Danny has to ask…

In episode 9 on Danny’s date with Elma, even he asked how old she was.

At a guess, Danny said 24. To which Elma replied, “I’m actually 26 but I tell everyone I’m 23”.

And the internet was having a tough time believing she was 26 too with the speculations of her age reaching over 50!

We don’t think she can be that much older, but who knows…

Elma Pazar: Bio

It would seem that Elma is a proper Essex girl. She’s got the lashes, the tan and those long glossy extensions to prove it!

She also works as a beauty technician, so we’re sure she’s going to be a valuable asset in the villa with everyone desperate to look camera ready.

You can follow her on Instagram @elmapazar where already she has 11k followers.

Elma Pazar on Love Island

Elma selected Danny, Tommy and Anton to go on a date with, which drove both Yewande and Molly-Mae a teeny bit mad with jealous.

However, Elma has said that she’s a “girl’s girl” and isn’t planning on breaking anyone’s relationship up intentionally – that’s what we like to hear!

And she has not given too much away about who she is keen to couple up with, compared to her fellow Bombshell Maura Higgins who has been very vocal about her desires for Tommy.

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep9 on ITV2
Pictured: Elma and Maura enter the villa.



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