Is Love Island doing the lie detector this year? 2021 Casa Amor postcard sparks rumours!

Love Island is not shy of controversial challenges with the Tweet challenge, Snog, Marry, Pie and the infamous lie detector.

Islanders have spoken about ‘tests’ in the Love Island villa more than ever in this 2021 series although couples in the previous series were tested in the most difficult way – with a lie detector.

So, will it return this time around?

What type of lie detector is used in Love Island?

ITV producers use a polygraph machine that tests participants through multiple sensors attached to the body.

It measures whether responses are true or false through bodily reactions, such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration and skin conductivity.

How accurate is the test?

It is said that the environment greatly influences the results of the lie detector, and Islanders have said that the results are inaccurate because of nervousness or excitement felt at the time.

Ex-Islander Kady McDermott claimed that the Love Island lie detector was fake, and she hit out at Jack Fowler saying that he should have lied to spare Laura Anderson’s feelings during the test.

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As did Alex Bowen from Season 2, who said “The lie detector is about as real as my new teeth”.

Fans Call for the 2021 lie detector on Twitter

Is Love Island doing the lie detector this year?

  • Currently, there are no reports that the lie detector will be returning this year as it was scrapped in 2019.

However, the controversial Casa Amor postcard did make a comeback last week, so the lie detector could potentially make the same reappearance.

If the lie detector was to come back, it would be likely to air towards the end of the series, before the romantic dates between the couples that have reached the final.

Why was the lie detector scrapped?

The controversial lie detector was scrapped ahead of the 2019 series of Love Island due to the death of Jeremy Kyle Show guest, Steve Dymond, who took his own life after failing a polygraph test. It also resulted in The Jeremy Kyle Show being cancelled days later.

According to The Sun: “Love Island is already under scrutiny following the tragic deaths of two past contestants so producers will be keen to avoid any further issues.”

“Some viewers are calling for the show to be axed so it looks likely they’ll get rid of the lie detector to keep people happy.”

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