Since Love Island started there’s only been one same-sex coupling. It was way back in season 2 when Sophie Gradon coupled up with Katie.

But is there another on the horizon?

In season 5 episode 15 (Wednesday, June 19th) Maura Higgins opened up about her romantic history with a woman.

So what is Maura Higgin’s romantic past and has she actually said she’s bisexual?

Read on to find out!

Love Island: SR5: Ep12 on ITV2
Pictured: Maura.

Episode 15 revelations – Maura Higgins states she’s been interested in women

In episode 15 the Islanders were talking about how many people they’d been with romantically in the past.

Both Molly-Mae and Tommy were shocked to hear Maura had only been with five people. But Maura then corrected herself on the number and said she had been with six people.

She said in the episode “I was with a girl after a night out”.

But she said her partner that night was interested in men, “but it just happened”. Nothing has been confirmed about who the girl was or when this happened or whether Maura has had any more serious relationships with women in the past.

Maura’s previous statements on her sexuality

Maura has previously mentioned that she was not 100% straight.

In an Instagram post from 2015, she said: “I don’t know how some girls are 100% straight like have you seen girls”.

But that is all Maura has publically commented.

Prior to entering Love Island, she had been in two relationships. One which lasted for nine years and resulted in an engagement which broke off in 2017 and another two years relationship.

Could Maura couple up with another girl on Love Island?

Maura has not stated she’s interested in coupling up with another girl on Love Island, but it’s not impossible!

With Maura still single, if a girl came in to turn her head, there’s a chance she could end up with another woman.

Some people on Twitter are desperate for Maura and Lucie to couple up since Joe Garratt left the villa in episode 14 (Tuesday, June 18th), but we’re pretty certain their friendship is just that – a friendship.