Is Yewande wearing a wig? We investigate for answers on social media!
Love Island: SR5 on ITV2. Pictured: Yewande Biala.

Is Yewande wearing a wig? We investigate for answers on social media!

Watching Love Island has become as much a summer ritual as drinking Pimms or watching Wimbledon. The show gets the nation talking for weeks on end like no other show on the air.

And one thing that has got viewers talking this year is whether Yewande Biala is wearing a wig or not.

So is she?

We’ve done all the work rooting through Yewande’s Instagram pics to find out…

Love Island: SR5: Ep2 on ITV2.
Pictured: Yewande talking to Curtis.

Yewande Biala: Hair

Yewande’s glossy long locks have been the topic of speculation on Love Island.

Her friends and family who are running her Instagram account while she is in the villa shared some snaps of Yewande’s previous hairstyle: long braids!

She has had a range of hairstyles before coming on the show and premiering her long tresses. But she has maintained this style for the past few years.

Screenshot: Instagram

Is Yewande wearing a wig?

Nothing has been confirmed by Yewande, but fans have speculated that she’s been wearing a wig.

This was most obvious in episode 2 (Tuesday, June 4th) as there was a challenge involving being in the water and Yewande was trying very hard to avoid it…

Which, as typical on Love Island, produced some hilarious memes!

Why the wig?

Fans were speculating that Yewande was either wearing a wig, has a weave or a full-frontal lace wig actually sewn in. We think the latter because of the amount of effort it would take to wear a wig for potentially eight weeks!

And although this has fans concerned, there’s no need to worry as they have hairdressers and stylists on site.

But to be honest, we think Yewande looks great whatever hairstyle she’s sporting and if she continues to mix it up with the wigs throughout her time on the show, then bring it on!

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep13 on ITV2
Pictured: Yewande and Danny make a decision.

Where does Yewande get her wigs from?

In episode 13 (Monday, June 17th) Yewande debuted her new hair look.

She had a long straight centred parted style, but with slightly shorter locks.

This glueless lace wig was from Freeborn Noble Wigs and the company said they delivered straight to the Love Island villa when they were contacted! We guess this may be where Yewande got her original wigs if they had been requested and they are from Dublin, Ireland.




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