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Laura Whitmore’s tattoos explained - Love Island: Aftersun presenter flashes ink!

Iain Stirling is undoubtedly the star of Love Island, providing the commentary for every single episode. This year’s presenter, Laura Whitmore, takes a back seat in the main show, however Love Island: Aftersun is her place to shine.

Every Monday, Laura hits to the ITV studio to present a live show, speaking to special guests and former contestants. Oh, and of course the Islanders who have been recently booted off the show!

In her three Aftersun appearances so far, eagle-eyed fans have spotted that Laura has some tattoos.

So, what are they? How many does Laura have?

Screenshot: Love Island Aftersun S4 E3 – ITV Hub

Laura Whitmore’s tattoos

As we only see Laura from time-to-time in the villa, Aftersun is a good opportunity to get to know the gorgeous Irish presenter better. So, let’s take a look at all of her tats.

We mainly can see there are a few on her wrist; stars on her right wrist and two tattoos on her left. The tattoos on her left wrist is a treble and a bass clef (musical notations) and then the title of her favourite song.

Laura also has a cartoon-esque Saturn tattooed on her left ankle.

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Foo Fighter fan

Laura Whitmore has proved she is the ultimate Foo Fighter fan when in 2017, she got their song title ‘Happy Ever After’ tattooed on her left wrist.

But not only did she prove her dedication to the band in doing so, Laura actually got Foo Fighter frontman Dave Grohl to scrawl out the title while she was interviewing him!

Laura joked in an Instagram post: “Dave Grohl has a very steady hand and good spelling thank god.”

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Secret toe tats

Although we don’t get a good look at them on the show – because that would be an incredibly strange situation to arise – Laura also has some tattoos on her toes.

In a nod to her Irish heritage, the presenter has the words An t-Ádh written on her toes. This is the Irish word for “luck.”

It is unconfirmed whether Laura has anymore of these sneaky secret tattoos, however these are the ones which are known and visible on Love Island: Aftersun!




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