Love Island 2018: Alexandra Cane surgery rumours - is she real or fake?

Twenty-seven-old Alexandra Cane is a makeup artist from Hertfordshire with stunning good looks and an impressive physique.

After viewer complaints about body diversity on the show, Alexandra waltzed into the villa.

She’s got curves that most women would head to their local surgeon for… or has she done just that herself?

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Alexandra Is Different From Other Girls

Alexandra entered the Love Island villa later on in series four.

It wasn’t until episode 33 that Miss Cane graced us with her presence.

She seemed very comfortable in her own skin on Love Island. I mean, who could forget that hideaway lingerie?

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Did Alexandra Build That Booty In The Gym?

With a booty that even Kim-K would probably be jealous of, no wonder surgery rumours are circulating social media.

She has said she is a regular gym goer, so her epic figure must be all natural.

She’s even shared her hard work with Instagram followers.

And has stated that she does a mixture of sumo squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, lunges and leg raises to tone up her bottom. So, that explains the natural curves.

Has Alexandra Had Cosmetic Surgery?

It’s not only her figure the public have got their eye on.

How does Alexandra explain that flawless face?

Alexandra certainly doesn’t shy away from a selfie. And we can see why!


Lip filler and botox could be Alexandra’s secret weapons.

Let’s face it, those smackers are plumped up and her forehead is immaculate.

Alexandra was a makeup artist to model Demi Rose for two years.

This gained her more than 150,000 Instagram followers.

She’s also worked in the industry with models, musicians and other artists.

Being around the rich and famous could lead anyone down the surgery path. Then again, she could just be a naturally pretty 27-year-old.

But that would just be boring!



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