Love Island 2019: Best Tommy Fury quotes and made-up words!

As soon as Tommy Fury entered the fifth series of ITV’s Love Island, we all knew he was going to be one of the stand-out contestants of the year.

His arrival was quickly followed by him introducing us to some of his vocabulary. And this is not Mancunian slang or any other forms of slang, but Tommy’s very own unique vernacular.

Here are some of the best Tommy Fury quotes and made-up words from Love Island series 5.

Some of these will go down in Love Island history…

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep2 on ITV2.
Pictured: Tommy talking to Amber.

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“Does anyone know what a grandino is?”

In episode 9 (Wednesday, June 12th), Tommy had us all scratching our heads again as he used the word ‘grandino’.

Although Amber Gill thought he had mistaken ‘grandino’ for a Starbucks’ ‘grande’ drink, a Grandino is actually a real thing – they are an American chocolate chip cookie brand!

“It just refresherfies my memory”

If he wasn’t endearing enough when talking about his feelings for Molly-Mae in episode 21 (Wednesday, June 27th), Tommy slipped in a made-up word which left viewers at home scratching their heads.

We think you mean ‘refreshes’ Tommy…

“Life is a test and love is the prize”

In one of his more profound moments, he shared this touching sentiment with villa bestie Curtis Pritchard.

Clearly, the message stuck with Curtis as he even repeated the quote back to Tommy on a separate occasion.

Following up, Tommy added “some people either win it or they don’t” – true words Tommy!

From ITV Studios

Love Island: SR5: Ep2 on ITV2.
Pictured: Tommy and Curtis in the villa.

“I don’t like shapes, please no more triangles”

Tommy has been stuck in a few love triangles over the course of Love Island series 5.

From Lucie and Joe to Lucie and Molly-Mae, then to Molly-Mae and Maura… Tommy’s definitely had his fair share!

No wonder he’s sick of triangles.

“If you weren’t meant to follow your gut, you wouldn’t have one”

More inspirational quotes up next from Tommy Fury.

The ‘gut’ has been discussed multiple times on Love Island, particularly when recoupling becomes an issue for the Islanders.

“I could say that Shrek and Fiona aren’t well suited, but that’s my opinion”

After worrying that the public did not think Molly-Mae and Tommy were well-suited, Tommy came out with this corker of a sentence.

We like that the Shrek franchise is his reference point!


Tommy said ‘equivalates’ to Molly-Mae and was adamant his pronunciation of the word was right.

Pointing out to him that ‘equivolates’ is not a word, Tommy said: “are you having a laugh?”

Oh Tommy, so wonderfully wrong!

“I knew there was a reason I love Hannah Montana so much”

How could we not include Tommy’s revelation that he was a true Hannah Montana fan?

He came out with this statement minutes before explaining that he saw Hannah Montana’s song ‘The Climb’ as a mantra for life… bless him.




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