Love Island 2019: When is the baby challenge? It's sooner than you think!
Screenshot: Love Island 2018 Baby Challenge - YouTube

Love Island 2019: When is the baby challenge? It's sooner than you think!

Each year Love Island returns to our screens, there is one challenge that brings out the best and worst in both the male and female Islanders: The Baby Challenge.

Putting their parenting skills to the test, the Islanders get a glimpse into their future if all goes well with their couples on the Island. But there are some couples who look doomed to fail from their inability to look after a plastic doll together.

So is ITV bringing back the challenge this season, and if so, when?

Here is everything you need to know about season 5 of Love Island’s baby challenge.

Screenshot: Love Island 2018 Baby Challenge – YouTube

Will there be a baby challenge on Love Island season 5?

The baby challenge has proven itself to be a vital test in the Islanders journey to love. Remember season 3’s Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood’s disagreements over baby Cash?

Who would’ve thought a plastic toy could have summoned such foul language!

As the challenges from previous seasons such as Casa Amor and the dirty dancing challenge have already occurred in season 5, there’s no reason why the baby challenge won’t be in the new season as well.

Plus, the baby challenge is confirmed to appear in the Love Island game, making us think it’s on the way in the real-life show too!

When will the baby challenge be?

Judging by last season of Love Island, the baby challenge – if it’s going forward – will be happening very soon.

The challenge has been going on since the first season, but it has always occurred at different times. In series 1, it started on episode 33, but by 2018 edition it didn’t start until much later.

In season 4, the baby challenge happened on day 53 in week 8, as one final challenge for the couples before they start being whittled down to the finalists.

As we are now in week 7, we would expect the baby challenge to be happening by week 8 (commencing Monday, July 22nd) probably around the same date. If it follows the same schedule as last season, the challenge will be on Thursday, July 25th.

The final episode of Love Island season 5 will be on Monday, July 29th.

What to expect from season 5’s Baby Challenge

We’ve seen some pretty shocking parenting over the years, and with the youngest cohort of Islanders ever, we expect that there will be some more abysmal childcare this season.

But, saying that, we’ve seen the way 20-year-olds Tommy and Molly-Mae care for Ellie Bellie bear, so there’s always the chance they could surprise us.

Bring on the baby challenge!




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