Every year, Love Island has one contestant who wins over the hearts of all viewers. Now, the 2020 favourite has emerged.

Although Nas Majeed has not yet been lucky in love in the Cape Town villa, he’s fast become the fan-favourite. Some viewers are even asking ITV to just “give Nas the money now!”

But as Nas has not been getting to know anyone in the villa romantically, the editors have cut out most of Nas’ one-on-one content with the other Islanders, where he shares more about himself.

His fans are desperate to know more!

So, we’ve done some digging into Nas’ background to find out more about the reality star and Love Island favourite. Find out here!

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Nas Majeed: Ethnicity and heritage

According to Ancestry.com, Majeed is a Muslim name and Arabic in origin. Naseem is also an Arabic name, which translates to “fresh air, breeze” in English.

From his Star Now profile, Nas describes himself as British Pakistani.

But in episode 22 (Wednesday, February 5th), Nas explained that his mum is from Guyana and his dad is from Pakistan.

Nas was born and raised in London, where he currently lives for work. The 23-year-old recently graduated from Brunel University with a degree in Sports Science and is working as a builder.

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Meet Nas’ Family

In his Love Island 2020 promo, Nas confessed to being a “mummy’s boy” and has definitely taken on the role of brother in the villa.

From Instagram, we found that Nas has a sister called Yasmeen who has been ready to support her brother during his time in the villa. She was posting about his appearance upon the announcement of the series 6 cast.

Check out Yasmeen on Instagram @yasmeeeeeeeeeeen.

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The “Aladdin” comment sparks a row

Nas’ ethnicity was under speculation from the first episode (Sunday, January 12th) of Love Island series 6.

This was largely as Siannise Fudge called Nas the “Aladdin to her Princess Jasmine.” This comment caused a major uproar and reportedly 36 complaints to Ofcom after the episode aired.

Meera Sharma commented for the Metro:

First of all, Aladdin is a Middle Eastern character, not Pakistani or Caribbean. It smells of ignorance, with the obvious failure to distinguish between South Asian and Arab culture, instead treating them as one homogeneous cluster of brown society.