Love Island 2020: What is Callum’s age? Sex numbers game reveals he bedded a 41-year-old!

Everyone’s favourite dating show is back, with the first-ever Winter Love Island series currently airing on ITV2.

As time goes on fans become more engrossed with Love Island 2020 and we think that the programme is definitely bringing some sunshine into our lives.

With more challenges and tasks on the horizon, the episode from Sunday (January 19th) left fans reeling after Callum Jones made a shocking admission.

Couples had to share what they knew about their partner and some rather revealing facts were shared as Callum announced that he had slept with someone almost 20 years older than him.

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Love Island: SR6: Ep5 on ITV2
Pictured: Callum.

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How old is Callum Jones?

The Love Island lad is 23 years old but throughout the series fans of the show have been finding this hard to accept, with many questioning his age.

Callum dresses mature for his age and appears to have a lot of life experience behind him.

Another Love Island contestant who fans appear to be dumbfounded by is Finley Tapp. He boasts a physique that looks like it has been sculpted by centuries of hard work in the gym and a full face of bushy beard, yet he’s only 20 years old.

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How many people has Callum slept with?

Callum admitted he has slept with 70 people.

Callum and his partner, Shaughna Phillip,s both had different answers on the challenge, although only slightly.

Both showed the number 70 on their answer cards. However, Shaughna put 70+, claiming it was more than 70 people, whereas Callum responded saying it was definitely 70 or lower, followed by a cheeky “sorry mum” comment.

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Who is the 41-year-old?

The biggest shock was yet to come as a question about “who is the oldest person you’ve slept with” surfaced. For most of the lads, the answer was a similar age to them.

However, yet again Callum shocked the nation with a confession that the oldest person he had slept with was 41 years old. And this was when he was only 21, making a 20 year age difference.

Unfortunately, it is unknown who the mysterious lady is, but Shaughna had plenty to say about the fling when she was chatting to camer in the private room, adding that the woman in question probably had kids in Callum’s class.

The situation had many heading to Twitter to express their dismay.




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