Love Island 2022 drinking game involves sipping each time Gemma mentions her dad


Love Island 2022 drinking game involves sipping each time Gemma mentions her dad

Since kicking off on June 6th 2022, Love Island season 8 is officially in full swing! The Islanders have a brand new Mallorcan villa to get settled into and they’re set to have a summer they’ll never forget. Paige Thorne, Luca Bish, Indiyah Polack and the rest of this year’s contestants are being joined by bombshell after bombshell as the episodes go on.

Each night, the contestants dress to impress and have some drinks, welcome some surprise arrivals and gossip around the fire pit. But what about the viewers at home? With this Love Island 2022 drinking game, everyone can join in the fun…

Luca Bish – Love Island/ITV2

Love Island 2022 drinking game rules explained…

Sip whenever Gemma mentions her surname or dad

It’s no secret to viewers that Gemma Owen’s dad is former pro footballer Michael Owen. But, as of episode 3, the Islanders still don’t know that she’s a footballer’s daughter.

As the episodes roll on, Gemma’s surely going to either drop hints as to who her dad is or fully reveal it at some point. So, each time she mentions her surname or her footballer dad you’ve got to take a sip!

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Take a shot any time Luca says he’s Italian like Davide

Just three episodes in and it seems like there’s a bromance brewing between half-Italian Islander Luca and ‘Italian stallion’ Davide.

Luca pretty much seems in awe of Davide and any time he says he’s Italian like Davide, it’s time to take a shot!

Drink three fingers whenever someone says “graft”

Grafting is a key part of being on Love Island, if you don’t put the graft in, you’re not going to get anywhere.

If the Islanders aren’t putting a shift in trying to couple up with their desired partner, they’re definitely talking about grafting, so every time it’s mentioned, drink three fingers.

Take a shot every time an Islander receives a text

I’ve got a text” is an integral part of the Love Island experience, without their phones, how would the Islanders ever be notified of anything?

Of course, whenever an Islander gets a text, they have to shout at the top of their lungs that they’ve received one. So, any time you hear those exciting words, take a shot.

From Lifted Entertainment Love Island: SR8 on ITV2 and ITV Hub Pictured: Ikenna Ekwonna.

Take a sip whenever someone says “eggs in one basket”

A number one rule in the Love Island villa is not to put your eggs into one basket.

Given the importance of the Islander’s eggs and which baskets they’re putting them in, each time the phrase is mentioned, you’ve got to take a sip of your drink.

Drink three fingers if you hear “this isn’t friend island”

Cmon guys, this isn’t ‘friend island’ and anyone who thought so should be ashamed of themselves. This is Love Island and some of the contestants seem very serious this year about finding true love.

Just some of them, though, Luca seems to be more concerned with admitting he wants to rip some people’s clothes off. You know the drill – if you hear the words “this isn’t friend island”, you’ve got to drink three fingers.

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Love Island 2022 drinking game: Sip each time you hear “My head is ….”

God forbid your partner’s head is ever turned on Love Island but these things can happen.

Any time you hear the words “my head is…” – whether it’s turned, frazzled, spinning or anything else – you’ve got to take a sip!

Take a shot if someone says something is “muggy”

‘Mugged off’, ‘muggy’, ‘absolute mug’. Things can get quite heated on Love Island and when tensions are high, who knows who might be called muggy on the ITV show.

What’s more, sometimes behaviours can be deemed ‘muggy’ and some Islanders might even question if they’ve been a mug themselves!

Drink if someone says “good looking girl/boy”

During the first three episodes of Love Island 2022 so far, it seems that the general consensus for a conversation is to express your interest in someone by telling them they’re a “good looking girl (or boy)”.

By this point in the game, looking out for the different drinking cues could be a little difficult, but any time you hear those flattering words, it’s time to take a sip of your drink.

Take a shot if someone mentions “cracking on”

If you’re not cracking on on Love Island then what are you doing? The aim of the ITV show is to couple up and win £50K but along the way there are many opportunities to crack on.

And if the Islanders aren’t cracking on, they’re often talking about it, so make sure you take a shot if it’s mentioned.

Andrew Le Page – Love Island/ITV2

Drink three fingers every time Paige says “tea”

Since Paige Thorne has arrived in the Love Island villa she’s listened to tea being spilt and she’s spilt the tea herself.

Any time the brunette beauty talks about that all-important, super-hot tea make sure you drink three fingers of your bevvy.

Take a sip any time someone says wifey material

For some of the Love Islanders, it’s love at first sight in the villa and they want to couple up right away. If the Islanders spot ‘wifey material’ or ‘boyfriend material’ on the show, they’ll be sure to say it aloud.

So, whenever someone says ‘wifey material’, it’s time to take another sip.

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From Lifted Entertainment Love Island: SR8 on ITV2 and ITV Hub Pictured: Afia Tonkmor.


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