Love Island: 35 Toby memes from the most chaotic Islander in  history

Love Island: 35 Toby memes from the most chaotic Islander in history

Toby Aromolaran has become one of the most memorable (and meme-able) contestants on Love Island this year after his mad moves around the villa and Casa Amor, and frequent head-turning antics moving from one girl to the next… and back again.

Fans were not keen on Toby after his head was turned from Kaz Kamwi to Chloe Burrows and then to Abigail Rawlings (and back again), however, these mad moves have resulted in Toby becoming one of the most loveable and chaotic islanders in Love Island history.

His antics have led to many awkward chats and cringe-worthy moments in the villa but viewers have started to warm to his utterly laughable ways.

We have found the best Toby memes from across the web thus far, so get comfy and enjoy.

1) After that utterly dramatic recoupling speech from Hugo calling Toby out for how he had behaved towards Chloe, they sat down to have a chat, but as you can probably tell it didn’t go down too well…
2) Now, this was the moment Toby became one the most meme-able islanders in Love Island history. After he mugged Kaz off, he repeatedly asked for chats to clear the air to which she declined leaving him standing there looking like a petulant child who had just had a right telling off.
3) Toby has frequently said after moving from one girl to the next that he is still ‘learning’ as the semi-professional footballer has never had a relationship outside the villa, however, we really could see him kissing his bridesmaid on his wedding day and then saying: “Sorry this is all new to me”. Oh, Toby…
4) Mabel hit the villa last night in the annual Spotify summer party, which got fans talking about the prospect of Toby pulling her for a quick chat…
5) Toby has been known for his indecisive and chaotic nature in the villa, so which girl will he go for next? It’s hard to keep up.
6) Basically… this one needs no explanation.
7) NO FACE, NO CASE. It’s only the whole nation watching, Toby.
8) No one is safe…
9) Quick muscle workout before Mabel arrives!
10) But the question would have to be which tunnel next?
11) “Chloe has my head, Abi has my heart, and Kaz has my soul”
12) Toby is the modern-day Mambo No. 5!
13) “Mum please, I love her, honestly, I do, Mabel is the one”
14) At this point, you would really think Ant and Dec are doing “I’m a Celebrity Get Out of Me Ear”
15) Decisions, decisions…
16) Oh no… NOT AGAIN.
17) “Will it be this one here?”
18) Tyler, welcome to the dark side…
19) Toby: “I’m just doing me hun”
20) Toby thinking Love Island was Pokémon GO when he applied.
21) Dropping on Netflix this week!
22) How Toby sees his life after Love Island.
23) As Toby has reached new levels of CHALDISHNESS he will be going forward as a solo performer.
24) What is Love Island because at this point we might as well all be on Toby Island…
25) No more transfers for the season, Toby
26) Just going to leave this one here.
27) Squidward is a MOOD
28) Players gon’ play!
29) Michael, Jordan and Danny: “You will always have a seat at our table, brother”
30) Aw bless him!
31) Toby has a cheeky spin on a weekly basis!
32) Toby: “But mum I have connections with all of them”
33) I think Toby is a bit full up now…
34) Always in a bit of pickle!
35) And on this episode of Take Me Out, we have Toby Aromolaran.



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