Love Island: 5 reasons we can't WAIT for Danny Dyer to meet Jack!

As we edge into the final few weeks of Love Island 2018, the inevitable is fast approaching.

Danny Dyer is coming to the Love Island villa!

The Eastenders actor and all-round geezer is the father to Dani Dyer, the current favourite female to win series four.

Alongside villa boyfriend Jack Fincham, the pair have quickly become the nation’s sweethearts, amassing over two million Instagram followers in the process.

All that’s left is for Jack is to meet Dani’s dad… no pressure, son!

1. The Doin Bits Society

The ‘Doin Bits Society’ was founded by Wes Nelson to celebrate the villa housemates who were getting randy at night.

Needless to say, Danny Dyer did not want his little girl joining the club.

Fortunately, gentleman Jack has never attempted to ‘do bits’ with Dani, although the subject is bound to be brought up when the three meet up.

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Danny Dyer double checking that you didn’t get it on with his daughter… on live TV! What could be better!

2. Hearing Danny Dyer’s Genuine Approval

When Jack Fincham stepped forward and pinpointed Dani Dyer on Love Island day one, there were general concerns for his safety.

Most of the Love Island 2018 contestants have had their hearts broken at some point on the series, and we were expecting the same to happen to Dani.

Jack has been nothing short of the perfect boyfriend, however, and he even gained Danny’s approval on Instagram

In one post, Danny D announced that he couldn’t wait to meet his “future son-in-law”!

3. Three Incredible Accents All Together

Listening to Kent-born Jack and cockney princess Dani has been the most entertaining part of Love Island.

The pair bounce off one-other in their own unique way, and throwing dad Danny into the mix is only going to produce more unscripted comical genius.

Prepare yourselves for an onslaught of “look at all these geezers”, “she’s an alright slice”, “this villa is proper naughty” and “sweet gaff, this”.

4. Danny Dyer Around the Producers

Love Island producers are treading on thin ice with Danny Dyer.

After needlessly reducing Dani to hysterical tears, there was a petition set up aimed at suing the ITV2 series.

Fans felt it was unacceptable that producers had manipulated footage of Jack in Casa Amor, making it look like he had cheated on Dani.

We can’t wait to see Danny strutting around the villa asking who’s ‘bright’ idea it was to upset his daughter.

Fix up!

5. That Poster on Jack Fincham’s Wall

Around the midway point of Love Island 2018, news broke that Jack Fincham had a huge poster above his bed.

This wasn’t just any poster, though, it was of 2005 film The Business.

Danny Dyer plays a leading role in The Business – so, just when you thought you had heard it all, it became apparent that Jack technically had a poster of girlfriend’s dad above his bed!

We can imagine this quickly made Jack the brunt of jokes around the Dyer household, and Danny has even joked about bringing a signed canvas of The Business when he visits the villa.

Danny Dyer, please make this happen!



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