Love Island: All of Tommy's made up words - from refreshifies to grandino!

Fans of Love Island have come to expect some pretty odd words and phrases to be bandied about while watching the show. By now ‘pied’, ‘grafting’ and ‘doing bits’ have all become part of the nation’s vernacular.

But season 5 takes the cake as the most bizarre.

From Lucie Donlan’s varied use of ‘bev‘ to the compulsive need for the Islanders to say ‘it is what it is’, words have been at the forefront of discussion since the new season started.

However, there is one Islander in particular who has baffled viewers with his own made-up words.

Here is your go-to Tommy Fury thesaurus to help you decode what on earth he is trying to say.

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Pictured: Tommy and Maura date.

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In episode 21 (Wednesday, June 27th) of the new series, Tommy spoke in complete earnest in the Beach Hut.

Speaking about his feelings towards Molly-Mae, wide-eyed and naïve, Tommy uttered the sentence: “When I hear that, it just refreshifies my memory.”

This, understandably left a few people scratching their heads as he had clearly just made up a word on television. But most swept this blunder under the carpet as it was clear Tommy meant “refreshes.”

And we can’t forget about ‘grandino’…

In episode 9 (Wednesday, June 12th), Tommy had us all scratching our heads again as he used the word ‘grandino’.

Amber Gill was so confused by what Tommy was getting at, she thought he had mistaken ‘grandino’ for a Starbucks’ ‘grande’ drink.

But a grandino is actually a real thing! Grandino are an American chocolate chip cookie brand, but we can’t be sure that’s what Tommy Fury was referencing, particularly as he continues to make up other random words.

Tommy and Molly-Mae’s secret slang

If this couple couldn’t get any cuter, they even tried to make up their own secret slang.

After Tommy told Molly-Mae that he liked the word chive, they thought it’d be funny to make up some phrases based on the herb.

If you are ‘chivey’ or someone is ‘getting chived’, they are in Tommy’s word’s “a bit arsey”.

And there’s also feeling ‘chived off’, which is basically the same as being ‘p***ed off’.



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