After watching Love Island for weeks on end there’s little left to the imagination when it comes to what the Islanders get up to in the bedroom.

From scenes you wish you could unsee in the villa bedroom to Hideaway antics you’d rather fast forward through, there’s certainly TMI going on during the ITV show at times.

Love Island 2019 looks to be the year that our minds were blown by the array of sex positions the Islanders are fans of.

One of the latecomers to season 5, Chris, is the latest contestant to reveal some details about his sex life.

So what is Love Island’s latest mentioned sex position? Here’s everything you need to know about ‘the anaconda’…
Screen Shot: Love Island episode 41 – ITV2

Love Island: Chris let’s slip about the anaconda

During episode 41 of Love Island, Chris and his partner Harley were discussing favourite sex positions. While Harley divulged that she’d opt for ‘reverse cowgirl’, Chris mentioned his fave is ‘the anaconda’.

Chris didn’t go into what the position involved, though, and said that he didn’t have time to explain. Harley said:

You can’t just make sex positions up though.

Previous to their sex chat, Harley and Chris talked nicknames and while Harley was being serious, Chris said his nickname was “freckle d**k” – because he has a freckle on his nether regions.

Now, we’re here for the comedy value, Chris, but we would’ve liked some expansion on what the anaconda is!
Screen Shot: Love Island episode 41 – ITV2

What is the anaconda sex position?

It turns out that there are actually a few serpent-inspired sex positions in existence.

Cosmopolitan reps ‘The Python’ in their Kama Sutra index which involves the male partner lying flat with his legs together and his arms at his sides. The female partner is then advised to lay straight on top of him. They add: “Before you start to slither around, lift your torso like a snake ready to strike”.

Another snakey sex move is the cobra which is said to be a yoga pose which doubles up as a sex position.

According to, there’s also a ‘snake position’ which involves a serious degree of physical strength. It basically involves the male partner holding the female upside down while the two perform oral sex.
From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep38 on ITV2
Pictured: Ovie and Chris go on a date with the Bombshells.

The anaconda on Urban Dictionary

After hearing Chris’ favourite sex position viewers of Love Island took to the internet to find out what he gets up to in the bedroom.

However many were horrified to find that an Urban Dictionary entry from 2009 described a brutal form of sexual activity which involved punching.

Thankfully there’s a chance that Chris wasn’t talking about that anaconda but the more romantic kind detailed by another Urban Dictionary user as outlined below!
Screen Shot: Anaconda sex position – Urban Dictionary Love Island 2019



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