The first season of Love Island Australia kicked off on ITV2 on Monday, June 15th. This comes two years after the series initially aired, but will be the first watch for many British viewers looking for a replacement for the annual summer series.

Like it’s British cousin, the Australian series follows ridiculously attractive singles on their quest to find love. It’s complete with challenges, a glamorous Majorca villa and a sarcastic VoiceOver.

But one parallel between the British and Australian series is their use of slang. Viewers of Love Island UK around the world all learnt words and phrases like ‘crack on’, ‘pied’ and ‘banter’. For British viewers, they are now learning some new Aussie slang, with one word in particular catching their attention: Bogan.

So, what does bogan mean? Here’s where the Love Island Australia slang comes from!

Screenshot: Love Island Australia S1 E1 – ITV Hub

Love Island Australia fans confused over ‘bogan’

It didn’t take long for Love Island Australia viewers across the UK to take to Twitter on the hunt for a definition. There was clearly quite some confusion after the Islanders started slinging the term around.

One viewer tweeted: “WHAT IS A BOGAN?!”

Another added: “Aussies we need you … please create a #LoveIslandAUS dictionary for us Brits. Is a Bogan a good thing?!?”

What does bogan mean?

A bogan is defined as “An uncouth or unsophisticated person regarded as being of low social status.”

It is Australian and New Zealand slang which originated in the 1980s. Many think the slang originates from the surname Bogan.

If you’ve ever seen Chris Lilley’s Ja’mie: Private School Girl, then you will have come across the term before. But for many, this will be the first they’ve ever heard of it. Just wait ’til you start hearing ‘bogan’ hurled as an insult across the UK this summer…

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