Love Island couples in danger as islanders torn over new connections


Love Island couples in danger as islanders torn over new connections

In tonight’s Love Island episode, many of the islanders are torn whether to continue their matches, or explore something new after Casa Amor.

The girls have been sent to Casa Amor and they’ve been greeted by six new boys attempting to steal their hearts from their current matches.

Back in the main villa, the new bombshells have also caught the eyes of the boys, meaning that fan-favourite couples, such as Damiyah, are in major trouble.

Paige and Billy sit down for honest heart-to-heart

Paige wastes no time in telling Billy that she’s in it for the long run with Jacques: “I know we’ve been getting on really, really well, we’re like bantering and laughing and stuff but from my end I’ve been seeing it as a friendship, nothing else.”

“To be fair, my head is just definitely still with Jacques,” the Welsh paramedic added.

Thankfully, Billy took it well: “Well I’m glad you’ve told me this because at the end of the day, we ain’t got long. But I appreciate you being honest, so it’s all good.” 

Having cleared the air, who will Billy set his eyes on next?

“I need to crack on” – Jacques and Paige, trouble in Love Island paradise?

From Lifted Entertainment. ©ITV Love Island: SR8: Ep30 on ITV2 and ITV Hub Pictured: Jacques.

Speaking of Jacques and Paige, the latter might be the only committed one in the romance.

Jacques explains to Andrew and Dami that he’s torn between being considerate of Paige, and trying to find his own happiness.

He says: “I woke up in a filthy mood sulking and that, and the next minute I’m thinking ‘what am I doing?’ I’m just thinking about Paige, I’m thinking I can’t be like this, it’s not me.”

Dami thinks he should do what he truly wants: You’re feeling guilty before you’ve even done anything.”

Jacques continues: “I literally said to myself, I feel like this because I’m feeling about Paige’s feelings, I’m not thinking about mine.” 

“It’s your own journey as well you know,” Dami replies.

“I need to put myself out there. How do I know if what I’ve got with Paige is so good if I don’t even give it another chance with someone else? For me to do that, I need to crack on. I can’t be sat around here and sulking for someone else,” the rugby player added.

Even Samuel has noticed Jacques’ flirtatious behaviour.

Tasha and Andrew both discover something new

From Lifted Entertainment. ©ITV Love Island: SR8: Ep30 on ITV2 and ITV Hub Pictured: Coco and Andrew chat.

The couple may be no more after Casa Amor as both Tasha and Andrew have been getting on with the newcomers

Tasha admits to Danica and Indiyah that she and Billy “bounce off each other really, really well,” calling him and Andrew “polar opposites” thanks to his “playful, funny kind of side.”

She even told Billy: “It’s weird, you bring out this playful, flirty side out of me. I haven’t had that with Andrew. I do feel like there’s a bit of a vibe here definitely.”

Meanwhile, Andrew tells Coco that he’s open to exploring their potential and the graphic designer is definitely on the same page.

Coco explains: “I don’t really feel like there’s anyone else.

“I didn’t expect to get on with you as well as I did to be honest, it actually shocked me,” she told him.

Whereas, Andrew revealed: “I didn’t expect to get into bed with you and just literally be laughing the entire night.”

“That’s definitely something me and Tasha did not have. I’ve woken up pretty happy to be fair.”

Don’t forget their smooch last night!


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