This season of Love Island, sex has become a bit of a taboo topic.

Although previous seasons have been liberal with their screening of sex scenes, discussion of said sex scenes and more, this year there seems to be red tape around the issue.

This comes as ITV lay down strict rules regarding sex for both the Islanders and their broadcasting. They now refuse to show any outright sexual scenes – although Iain Stirling can allude to the topic in his commentary – and have asked the Islanders to only have sex in the Hideaway.

But in episode 39 (Wednesday, July 17th) of the new series, it looks as if one couple took their bedroom antics outside, where the rules regarding sex in the villa become murky.

So just what did Curtis Pritchard and Maura Higgins get up to on the daybed?

Screenshot: Love Island S5 E39 – ITV Hub

What happened with Curtis and Maura on the daybed?

As Curtis and Maura have settled into their new pairing, the two have got very close over the short period of being together in the villa, despite not actually being ‘coupled up’ yet.

It was the second night they chose to sleep on the daybed together, but it looked like these two go up to some intimate business outdoors.

Under the covers, we heard Curtis Pritchard calls Maura a “naughty girl” and call her “a bad influence” – the dirty talk no viewer anywhere wanted to hear.

And while Curtis the next day relayed what had happened as just “a lot of grinding” to his fellow Islanders, from where we sat it looked like a lot more than that!

‘Scenes of a sexual nature’ warning tells all

If you watch Geordie Shore religiously, then you’ll be used to the show’s opening titles that include a warning of “scenes of a sexual nature”. But we’ve not heard that warning issued on Love Island season 5… until now.

After an ad break and before the scene with Maura and Curtis commenced, the ITV voiceover warned of “scenes of a sexual nature” leading viewers to expect some stuff go down between the couple.

But there was more to the scene than just dirty talk, as two things gave it away: the shaking water glass and Curtis’ reaction to what went down.

Did Curtis and Maura have sex?

After whatever went down under the covers, Curtis said: “Well I didn’t expect that to happen”… neither did we Curtis!

Although Maura Higgins didn’t say anything the morning after, Curtis admitted to bestie Tommy Fury that “it was hot”.

While no Islander has admitted they have had sex on the show this year, despite numerous trips to the Hideaway, it has been confirmed that they are in fact having sex.

A source told the Daily Express that:

There’s a few couples having sex in the villa but it hasn’t been shown on TV – bosses are worried about upsetting them and fear ruining their lives.

So while nothing can be confirmed, there are a lot of signs pointing to the fact these to took their relationship to the next level in last night’s episode.



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