Love Island: Demi's fall is the best thing to happen so far in series 6!

Love Island: Demi's fall is the best thing to happen so far in series 6!

Love Island 2020 is well underway in February. The grand finale is nearing ever closer and the tension building within the Cape Town villa.

The first-ever Winter series of Love Island was set to hot up us cold Brits and its safe to say that series 6 really has brought some spice.

Drama, stylish outfits, hair on-fleek and some hilarious moments have all been served during the series.

Each season, it looks like at least of the contestants managed to hit the deck and the pesky multi-levelled decking of the Love Island villa has taken another Islander out in 2020!

Screenshot: Love Island series 6 – ITV2

Love Island: Demi falls

Demi Jones really had a ‘mare during episode 29 (February 13th) of Love Island.

Not only did Shaughna weigh in on her only love interest in the villa, Luke M, the episode also saw Demi trip down the patio steps.

Of course, comedic narrator Iain Stirling was on-hand to well and truly roast her for it. Demi styled it out, though, and managed to not spill a sip of her drink on the way down!

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Twitter reacts to Demi’s fall

Viewers of Love Island came out in full force on Twitter to share the lols over Demi’s fall.

One Twitter user wrote: “The way Demi just laid on the floor after falling has me dead.

Another said: “Demi the first fall of the season.

Last year’s Love Islander to be a victim of the decking was Molly Mae Hague.

One Twitter user wrote that Demi’s fall ranked second behind Molly Mae’s!

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