As the Love Island episodes rolled into their fourth week the ITV bosses decided to shake things up with the Casa Amor episode.

Let’s face it, no one watches the show to see a real-life love story. Juicy gossip, drama and serious backstabbing is what we want to see.

Basketball player Ovie Soko was one of six boys to waltz into the villa and quickly made a name for himself as the best in the villa. He’s cool, calm and collected… and as Iain Stirling never fails to remind us, a handsome 6ft 7 basketball player!

But there’s one rumour surround Ovie that won’t seem to go away, that he has kids.

So why do people keep thinking this? We’ve done some digging to find out what’s really going on with Ovie’s family life.
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Love Island: SR5: Ep24 on ITV2
Pictured: Ovie talks to Anna.

Ovie Love Island: Kids

Every year that Love Island comes around rumours often surface, especially on Twitter.

According to Twitter users, Ovie apparently has three children but there’s no saying where this information has come from. Nothing has been confirmed by Ovie or any other members of the Soko family.

Many other Twitter users have replied to these kinds of Tweets that it has simply been made up, with one saying “lol people love to lie…”.

Ovie is 28 years old and therefore old enough to have many past relationships and possibly children, but we’ll leave that for him to talk about.

Ovie and the baby challenge

The rumours resurfaced when the baby challenge episode came around on Wednesday, July 25th.

Ovie is now coupled up with India Reynolds and the two seemed to have this parenting thing down to a T, winning jointly with Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague.

Ovie seemed a complete natural at parenting, he even had a little bucket hat for Raymond Jr!

And one Twitter user seemed to think it was because he had already nailed dadhood in real life. They said: “Obviously Ovie and India won the baby challenge, he has 3 kids on the outside”.

Who are Ovie Soko’s exes?

By the reaction Ovie has received since walking into the Love Island villa we’d say that 99.9 per cent of the population fancy him.

And given that fact combined with his cool charm and demeanour we’d say he doesn’t do too badly with the ladies.

An ex-Islander from 2018 took to the internet to mention Ovie’s smooth-talking ways.

Alexandra Cane, who says she went to school with Ovie, said that he will “clean up” on the ITV show.

In a throwback photo on Ovie’s Instagram, he can also be seen with model and First Dates diner Kelly Jade.

He and Kelly are clearly posing for some kind of modelling campaign but who knows, the pair could have been romantically linked!



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