Love Island has finally unlocked the doors to Casa Amor, and fans can’t get over how much bombshell Martin looks like season 8 Islander Dami Hope, but is he Dami’s brother?

The part we’ve all been waiting for on this season’s Love Island, Casa Amor has finally arrived. No one is safe with 12 new bombshells entering the villa, who knows how the dynamics will change? Last season’s Casa Amor gave us the iconic Indiyah and Dami saga, and it seems like Dami is still connected to the drama.

We take a look into the relationship between Martin Akinola and Dami Hope.

Meet Casa Amor bombshell Martin

Martin is a 27-year-old senior software engineer from Dublin.

Speaking to Belfast Live, Martin said one thing he’d never put on his dating profile is: “That I’m a nerd, I have a really nerdy job. I’m into really nerdy stuff. I think the girls like it, but I don’t admit it initially, they see it later.”

He also told the publication that his dating technique is sending a rose emoji in the DMs. He says it works every time, but we’re not sure that’s going to work in the villa.

Is Love Island bombshell Martin Dami’s brother?

Contrary to online belief, Love Island alum Dami is not Martin’s brother, however, the pair are friends. They could have fooled fans on Twitter as the resemblance is uncanny!

One fan tweeted: “Martin has to be Dami’s long-lost twin brother.”

Another asked: “Is Martin Dami’s brother because they look a bit alike?”

Although the pair aren’t brothers, Dami did give Martin some brotherly advice before entering the villa.

Telling Belfast Live about the advice Dami gave him, Martin said: “He said, ‘Do your thing, be yourself and everyone else will get to know you, and get to see why we’re friends.”

It’s not just Dami who knows Martin from season 8. Andrew and Ikenna also follow Martin on the ‘gram, and were commenting words of encouragement under the Love Island Casa Amor reveal post.

Meet Martin on Instagram

Casa Amor bombshell Martin can be found on Instagram @mart1n.jr. At the time of writing, he has just over 6000 followers.

He posts a range of fashion content for his followers, and of course ‘brother’ Dami is his number one fan, hyping him up in the comments.

Martin’s Instagram is on hold at the moment while he’s in the Love Island villa. Due to new rules, Islanders’ family and friends will not be posting while they’re in the villa, unlike in previous years.



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