The ‘heart race challenge’ returned to Love Island in episode 33 (Wednesday, July 11th) of the new series. Who’d have thought ITV could pull this off again at primetime without receiving hundreds of Ofcom complaints?

A fan-favourite sees the Islanders dress up in rather raunchy costumes and try to get the Islanders’ of the opposite sex’s heart race up.

This leads to some pretty hilarious scenes as you can imagine, as the Islanders’ faces say it all.

But what are the results of this years’ challenge and who turned on who the most?

Read on to find out the heart race challenge results…

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep33 on ITV2
Pictured: Anton during the challenge

The girls are up first

All seven girls took on the challenge, including newbie Francesca Allen, what better way to get to know everyone than a cheeky and slightly embarrassing lap dance? It certainly worked for Anton who’s heart race soared for her sexy schoolteacher look!

Amber’s lingerie look got both Marvin and ex-beau Michael Griffiths heart races up the most, leading to some pretty awkward glances between him and his current partner Joanna. Fortunately for Joanna, she got 6ft 7 hunk Ovie hot under the collar, so her 1920’s flapper girl costume did the trick!

But that wasn’t the only awkward interaction as Belle’s military outfit trumped Anna’s dominatrix-meets-policewoman in making Jordan’s heart rate soar.

Sadly for Anna, this look didn’t seem to do it for any of the boys and she was the only girl not to get her fellow Islanders flustered with her raunchy routine.

Molly-Mae’s routine was the perfect mix of raunchy and hilarious. Her “Did anyone order a maid?” line had viewers laughing everywhere. But it hit all the right notes with her boyfriend Tommy and also new Islander Chris Taylor.

And how could we not mention Maura Higgins‘ Catwoman? If her mesh bodysuit didn’t do it for Curtis, then the surprise snog must’ve been the reason his heart rate skyrocketed!

The boys channel their inner Magic Mike

Sadly for the boys, there were a few Islanders who did nothing for the girls. Ovie, Tommy, Marvin, Michael and Chris all failed to get on the top spot, although viewers at home were certainly enjoying what they saw!

Anton surprised in a sexy sailor costume, which got Belle and Joanna’s hearts racing (and Joanna’s head-scratching).

But it was Jordan Hames who really took home the crown for the best performance in the challenge. His Magic Mike-inspired routine to Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’ got four of the seven girls’ heart rate up. This included Anna, Francesca, Amber and Molly-Mae.

And while Jordan was doing it for the majority of the women, there was no way Curtis was not going to be the star in Maura’s eyes. Showing off his dancing skills in a carnival-inspired look, Curtis wowed when he spontaneously picked up Maura and threw her around a bit… that’s one way to get hearts racing!

The final result!

Ultimately, the girls got the boys hotter under the collar in this challenge.

A prize for the winning team has not yet been decided or confirmed, but they definitely looked happy enough that they won.

Better luck next year boys!

Screenshot: Love Island S5 E33 – ITV Hub



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