The contestants who have stepped into the Love Island villa this year have a range of celebrity exes.

Molly-Mae, Anna and Joanna have all dated footballers, whereas Lucie Donlan has dated ex-Love Island stars.

But now a musician has been thrown in the mix.

The internet has gone wild after singer Afro B retweeted a picture of Joanna on Twitter, making us believe they’d had a relationship and was the girl who inspired his hit song ‘Drogba (Joanna)’.

So, is Joanna Chimonides the girl Afro B was singing about in his song or is it just a joke? We’ve done some investigating to find out the real answer…

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Love Island: SR5: Ep28 on ITV2
Pictured: Amber and Joanna leave the villa for a catch up.

What is Afro B’s song about?

The song in question, ‘Drogba (Joanna)’, tells the story of how a girl named Joanna is toying with Afro B’s heart and asks “how you gonna play me like Drogba”.

The song also repeatedly says the name Joanna.

It became massively popular in 2018 after it inspired ‘Drogba Challege’ viral videos to circulate.

Check out the music video below!

Afro B pours out his heart on Twitter

On the 27th of June, Afro B retweeted a picture of Joanna with the caption “Wow is this what you’re doing now yeah cool.”

And while some thought it was immediately a joke and just a play on his own song – many just Tweeted the lyrics “Jo Jo Joanna” back to him – Afro B continued to say Joanna “broke my heart tho”.

On July 2nd, Afro B made another joke about the situation, pointing out a photograph of him and Jourdan Riane as the “real reason why Joanna left”. Jourdan had been in one of his music videos and there is supposedly no actual romantic connection between the two.

Is Joanna Chimonides the girl Afro B was talking about?

Although nothing can be confirmed and this all could be a long, drawn out joke, there are some things that make us think Joanna could be the girl he was talking about in the song.

First, Afro B is 25-years-old and from South London, so the chances that they interacted, being of a similar age and from the same city, are increased.

Secondly, they both follow each other on Instagram.

While he could’ve followed her after she entered the villa, Joanna has no access to her phone or Instagram account. So she would’ve had to follow Afro B before she went on the show.

We’ll have to wait until Joanna leaves the villa to hear straight from her whether the rumours are true, but it’s not a completely far-fetched theory!

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