Love Island: Jordan's Harry Potter impressions are the highlight of series 5!

The 2019 series of Love Island is brimming with drama and feisty Islanders. Yet another dumping from the Island takes place on Monday, July 15th and it’s set to be a shocker!

It’s a given that the small snippets we get to see of each Islander during the episodes aren’t going to show us their whole personality. But, the Saturday airing of Love Island ‘Unseen Bits’ gives more of a glimpse of the Islanders and what they’re really like.

And after seeing Jordan Hames’ Harry Potter impressions on Love Island: Unseen Bits on July 13th he’s gone from a seven to a straight ten for viewers! Here’s everything you need to know about Jordan’s Harry Potter obsession…

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Love Island: SR5: Ep13 on ITV2
Pictured: Jordan.

Love Island: Jordan’s Harry Potter impressions

The Unseen Bits episode on July 13th showed Ovie having swimming lessons from Joanna in the villa pool and straight from there we were thrown into a Harry Potter geek-off between the boys.

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Tommy, Michael, Jordan and Danny were sat on the beans bags outside reliving their childhoods and doing impressions from Harry Potter.

Jordan geeked out fully saying: “I’m Hermione Grainger, and you are?”, (changes to a different voice) “Ron Weasley”.

Now for any fellow Harry Potter fans, episode 6 of Love Island: Unseen Bits would’ve been a dream come true. Not only is professional model Jordan good-looking, but he also showed us his comedic side by doing his impressions.

On the other hand, if you couldn’t think of anything worse than a group of lads shouting “Expecto Patronum” and giggling together then maybe give that episode of Unseen Bits a miss!

Screen Shot: Love Island: Unseen Bits episode 6 – ITV2

What did Twitter think of the Unseen Bits banter?

Many people took to Twitter to say what a shame it was that viewers hadn’t got to see the funny side of some of the Islanders during the regular show. Some mentioned that if people had seen Jordan’s impressions he wouldn’t’ have almost been going home during episode 36 of the show.

Luckily during the island dumping during episode 36, Anna and Jordan were saved by the other islanders.

One Twitter user wrote: “I find the guys much more attractive (esp Jordan) after the unseen bits of them goofing about Harry Potter style”.

While another said: “Omg watching the boys talk about Harry Potter has be creasing. I now love Jordan more then before”.

If it wasn’t for Unseen Bits we’d never have known of the Love Island boys loved Hazza P so much!

Screen Shot: Love Island: Unseen Bits episode 6 – ITV2




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