In 2015, when Love Island first kicked off on ITV, producers and viewers alike probably never could have imagined how iconic the show would become.

Now, in 2020 the show’s onto its sixth series with its first Winter edition airing from January to February.

The ITV show was hailed as the programme that would ‘hot up the British winter’ and that’s exactly what Winter Love Island has done.

From the OG Islanders like Siannise Fudge to the later additions to the villa, the 2020 series is said to have had one of the most ‘positive’ and ‘warm’ casts yet.
Screenshot: Luke T and his parents Love Island – ITV

Meet Luke T’s mum and dad

The much-anticipated ‘meet the parents’ episode of Love Island aired on Friday, February 21st on ITV2.

Siannise was the Islander to first receive a text revealing that her sisters and Luke’s parents were at the villa.

Luke had already spoken of his parents, Beverley and Jon, while in the villa and mentioned that they’d been together for almost 30 years.

His mum didn’t even need to be introduced as she and Luke look so alike! It turns out that Luke’s fun-loving personality clearly runs in the family. Viewers quickly fell in love with Luke T’s parents with many taking to Twitter.

One person wrote: “Can Luke T’s mum win the 50k she’s an absolute gem.”

Luke’s mum is clearly up for a laugh and shared on Luke’s Insta page a video of her attempting Luke and Siannise’s iconic dance from episode 35!

Love Island: Luke T mum

Luke T’s mum had viewers in stitches as she was reunited with her son.

In reference to the lad’s ‘breakfast chat’, Beverley said:

So, tell me about ‘the breakfast’! Actually, I don’t even want to know.

She then couldn’t stop crying when Luke mentioned that he and Siannise admitted that they loved each other.

To top it all off, when Beverley and Jon sat down with Luke, Siannise and Siannise’s sisters Amber and Sinead, Bev joked: “Hundred per cent. You ready? Oh, hundred per cent!”

Bev’s fans took to Twitter over her comments: “Luke T’s mum with her “oh 100%” and “breakfast” ABSOLUTE LEGEND.”

Love Island luke t mum
Screenshot: Luke T mum Love Island – ITV

Beverley Trotman on The X Factor!

It’s safe to say that Luke’s mum pretty much stole the show during episode 36.

Of all the parents, she was the one who had Twitter going wild.

And, as if her character isn’t enough, it turns out that Bev’s also talented. So, much so that she had a stint on The X Factor!

In 2007, then a school teacher, Beverley auditioned for the show and made it to the live shows. She came in sixth place under Louis Walsh as her mentor.



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