Everyone knows that British Winters are certainly nothing to rave about. Miserable weather, that post-Christmas pinch and you’ll be lucky if your boiler doesn’t break.

But thanks to ITV, things were totally switched up in 2020 when the first-ever series of Winter Love Island kicked off!

Friday, February 21st is a very important day in any Love Island fan’s schedule. The long-awaited ‘meet the parents’ episode is here!

Cue the screeching, running, jumping and crying as the parents of the 2020 Islanders enter the Cape Town villa. Let’s get to know Jess Gale’s parents.

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Screenshot: YouTube First Look The families have arrived! | Love Island Jess parents Series 6 – ITV YouTube

Love Island: Meet Jess’ parents

The penultimate episode of Love Island 2020 saw the Islanders’ parents file into the villa.

Love Island 2020 wouldn’t have been the same without twins Eve and Jess Gale.

Although the twins were split up early on in the show, it looks like they’re reunited during the family episode of the show.

Jess’ parents, Mary and Brian, were reunited with their daughter in the emotional episode.

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How old are Jess’ parents?

Jess’s father, Brian is 67 years old while her mum, Mary, is 54.

Brian has been supporting his daughters throughout their Love Island experience and has taken to his Twitter (@BrianJRGale) account many a time.

He also publicly defended his daughters when viewers claimed Eve and Jess had a ‘showdown’ when Eve had to leave Love Island.

Work-wise, it looks like Brian, Mary, Eve and Jess run a family business as they’re all listed as directors.

Do Jess and Eve have more siblings?

While Jess and Eve were in the Love Island villa, their accounts were managed by their ‘sister’, so we can assume that there’s at least one more sibling in the mix.

After leaving Love Island, Eve also took to Instagram to share a post with her niece meaning that she and Jess must have another sibling.

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