The ‘meet the parents’ episode of Love Island finally arrived on Sunday, July 28th, as the final hurdle for the Islanders before the final!

There were touching moments as Greg’s mum gave Amber a lucky shamrock charm, to the outright hilarious when Anton’s mum brought Belle a razor. And from the looks of it, each of the Islanders won the approval of their partners’ family.

But India and Ovie proved the real hit with each other’s families. Ovie even said that they “will definitely all be getting together on the outside” and is already planning the big family barbeque!

So who is Ovie’s brother Raymond who turned up to support him in the Love Island episode? We’ve got the low down on Raymond.

Screenshot: Love Island S4 E56 – ITV Hub

Meet Ovie’s brother Raymond…

We first learnt of Ovie’s brother in episode 52 (Wednesday, July 24th) during the baby challenge.

In the episode, Ovie and India chose to name their fake son after Ovie’s father and older brother and name their baby ‘Raymond Jr’.

And when Raymond Soko turned up in the episode, it clearly surprised Ovie as he went on to admit “this isn’t his thing, he’s so low-key” and that being on the show “was so out of his comfort zone”.

Ovie is renowned for being chilled, but Raymond takes it to the next level!

Raymond Soko: Bio

It is unconfirmed how old Raymond Soko is exactly, but as he started his university degree in 2007 after leaving secondary school, we would estimate that Raymond is now 30-years-old.

Raymond studied for a BA in Architecture and got a 2.1 from Leeds Metropolitan University.

After graduating in 2011, he went on to work on a variety of architectural projects. Raymond currently works as a Building Information Modeling manager for design and construction company, Atkins.

But like his brother, Raymond also has athletic pursuits and spends most of his free time training to become a boxer. You can check out one of his winning fights on YouTube here.

Raymond Soko’s girlfriend

Raymond didn’t need the help of ITV to find love this summer, as he already seems to have found it!

From his Instagram, we can see that he’s pretty loved up with his unnamed girlfriend.

Their first picture together was from March 6th, 2017 and although not much is known about the couple, they sure do look happy together.

Raymond Soko on Instagram

Raymond already has a bit of an Insta following, but we’re sure it’s going to rocket after his appearance on Love Island.

You can follow Raymond on Instagram @rr.sosaa for all his latest updates on boxing, couple pics and of course a whole lot of Ovie Soko content.  

Hopefully, we’ll get to see Raymond on the show again in the final episode, as India and Ovie have made it to the end as one of the strongest and most loved couples.

We could definitely do with seeing this guy on our screens again!



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