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Love Island: Niall Aslam's HILARIOUS ‘rainbow fish’ story - It's real!

Love Island star Niall Aslam produced a moment of unscripted comical genius as he rambled on camera for 20 seconds, attempting to explain a story about a rainbow fish.

While we’re all familiar with childhood tales such as The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks, Niall’s story proved a little more niche.

Here comes that classic rainbow fish anecdote, again….

Niall The Rainbow Fish

The head-scratching story came in episode three, as Niall had just finished chatting with Eyal Booker about the arrival of two new girls.

Explaining that he just wanted someone to “like him for who he is”, 23-year-old Niall dived into the diary room to dig up some childhood memories.

“I’m like the rainbow fish – you know that story you read back in primary school.”

Screen Shot: Niall Aslam rainbow fish story – Love Island, ITV2, series four, episode three

At this point and the large part of Twitter was already lost by Niall’s recollection of a primary school story that may or may not exist.

Niall continued…

There was that fish and it had like no cool coloured scales, and all like the other fish used to make fun of that other fish.”

And continued a little more…

Screen Shot: Niall Aslam rainbow fish story – Love Island, ITV2, series four, episode three

But then like out of nowhere that fish turned into like the rainbow fish.I feel like I’m lost in the sea and I need like a pristine female fish to come and like unravel my rainbow colours…”

Social Media Reacts

Trainee school teachers across the U.K were left scrambling through their coursework to see if there was something vital missing from their current curriculum’s.

What is this mysterious rainbow fish?

Does it even exist?

The REAL Rainbow Fish Story

In the real rainbow fish story, the glittery fish gives away its prized foil scales to other fish in acts of generosity.

The story was designed to highlight acts of kindness, generosity and unselfishness, along with emphasising the importance of individuality.

In Niall’s case, however, it looks as if he will be dishing out his scales until he finds a fish to share his waterbed…


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