Fans of Love Island over the past couple of years will have been incredibly excited, as they revived one of the show’s most beloved challenges: the talent show.

It’s an opportunity for the Islanders to whip out their best party tricks or their hidden talents which could earn them extra brownie points with their romantic partner; we all saw how Finn Tapp’s eyes lit up when girlfriend Paige showed off her pipes with a rendition of Robin S’s ‘Show Me Love’!

But there was another surprise act of the evening – no, we’re not talking about Mike Boateng on the drums – when Casa Amor favourite Priscilla wowed with a dance routine.

Here’s a breakdown of Priscilla’s dance routine moves and more into her dancing past.

Screenshot: Love Island S6 E35 – ITV Hub

What was Priscilla’s dance?

In the talent show, Priscilla whacked on an all-black outfit with a sequinned skirt to perform her dance routine.

Fans on Twitter were saying that it was an Azonto dance, which is a Ghanaian dance.

This is backed up by the fact that Priscilla danced to a Fuse ODG track, who is a British-Ghanaian artist who is also a major player in the Azonto genre. Priscilla danced to Fuse ODG’s ‘Antenna’ which was one of his biggest tracks released back in 2013.

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The Islanders and viewers go wild for Priscilla

As soon as Priscilla started to dance, everyone went wild.

Luke Trotman, who also wowed with his couples dance routine, said: “Priscilla, Priscilla, Priscilla, unbelievable! Just energy straight away and the energy lasted throughout the whole performance. Everyone was so shocked I think.”

Mike couldn’t help but explode with pride, calling out: “That’s my girlfriend!”

Some fans have even demanded that she appear on Strictly Come Dancing as one of the stars, considering she already has these impressive moves.

Where did Priscilla get those dance moves?

As we know Priscilla has competed as a pageant queen in Miss Uganda UK and also Miss Face of Africa EU, it’s likely that she had a few stage talents hidden up her sleeve.

In the Miss Uganda UK 2013 rundown, it said all contestants participated in an opening dance and then Priscilla was one of four finalists to perform a talent. It could well be that Priscilla’s talent was her dancing based off last night’s performance!

Screenshot: Love Island S6 E35 – ITV Hub