Since Love Island kicked off on Monday, June 3rd, this new season has provided us with all the non-stop sun-soaked drama we’ve been missing all year.

With many of the couples now settled with their new beaus, such as Curtis and Amy and Molly-Mae and Tommy, we’re reaching a point where things are bound to be shaken up in the villa.

Since Arabella Chi’s arrival and Yewande’s departure, things have already become more stressful with heads turned and loyalties tested. So throw in the Twitter challenge to stress the Islanders out and things really reach a boiling point!

Here’s what we thought about Love Island season 5 episode 21 (Wednesday, June 26th)…

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Love Island: SR5: Ep21 on ITV2
Pictured: The Islanders take part in the challenge ‘Online Buzz’: Lucie and Anton.

‘Online Buzz’ sends everyone into a tizzy

Each year, the Love Island producers have found a way to incorporate what the outside world really thinks of the Islanders through a Twitter game.

This game has now become a staple part of the Love Island experience, unfortunately for the Islanders, who more often than not don’t like what they hear.

‘Online Buzz’ sees real Tweets read out to everyone with some blanked out words or names and asks the Islanders to fill them in… obviously this leads to some pretty awkward scenes.

Usually, the Tweets include speculations about “fake relationships” or one member of a couple being “too good” for another. But this year we saw some pretty brutal revelations which stirred up everyone in the villa.

Is Molly-Mae in the villa for love or money?

The worst of all the Tweets read out to the group was one directed at Molly-Mae Hague.

The Tweet read:

Nah. Tommy deserves more than Molly-Mae. She doesn’t like him, she likes 50k.

To this Molly-Mae said she was “fuming”. Particularly as money was brought into the equation.

Her fellow Islanders weren’t as reassuring as she may have hoped, with others bringing up her career as an Instagram influencer as the reason people may doubt her intentions. But we’re sure Molly and Tommy are the real deal from her reaction to the Tweet.

Lucie and Tommy: Does she have a chance?

Another Tweet which caused some drama in the villa was one about Lucie Donlan and Tommy.

A fan had declared they were “meant to be”, despite Tommy being coupled up with Molly-Mae, leading the rest of the villa to question the true meaning of their close friendship.

To prove again that Molly and Tommy are the real deal, he asked for boundaries to be set in his and Lucie’s friendship.

But we’re not sure she will respect these boundaries as she told Maura to “never say never” when it came to her and Tommy… yikes.

Anna proves herself to be a “girl’s girl”

Although Lucie likes to think of herself as a tomboy who can’t get along well with other girls – remember that showdown she had with Amy? – one girl proved herself to be a self-professed “girl’s girl” in episode 21: Anna Vakili.

When it was revealed to Anna that Tom Walker could have his head turned away from Maura Higgins by someone who ticked all his boxes, she told Maura the truth.

She said: “You’re my girl and I want to be there for you, help you out and give you a head’s up”.

Some may call this stirring the pot, but we’re pretty sure Anna was just sticking to what she knew best – being loyal to her friends.